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Cold Weather Strains?


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I thought of this one whilst posting in one of SweetSue's threads earlier. I realized it would be very helpful to a lot of us if we had some sort of reference as to which strains would thrive - or at least survive from seed to harvest :rolleyes3 - at colder temperatures. And I'm not talking about when it drops into the low 60s(F) range at night, lol. What if your grow room, this time of year, is lucky to make it to the mid 60s after the lights have been ON for hours, and lights-off temperatures might routinely drop to the 50s or even 40s? Are any halfway-decent strains known for doing well in such conditions?

Personally... I can get a small grow space up to a decent temperature, but only by unplugging just about everything else in my house (I only have a 30-amp service!). I just tried setting up a dinky (160-watt) grow light and a LOW-wattage electric heater, to see if I could run both, in preparation for starting my grow journal. Worked great for about 30 minutes, then I blew my main fuse. I assume the refrigerator kicked on, or my rather inadequate - and nearly 50-year old - forced-air furnace, or both of them. I can't handle running a kerosene heater indoors any more; the expense, the health issues, and what kerosene soot does to electronics (which are in so many things these days), et cetera make that a non-option for me.

To make things even more challenging, I do favor sativas. But I would welcome any firsthand knowledge about ANY strains that do well in (relatively) cold temperatures, be they sativas, indicas, or some sort of ruderalis get.

I'm sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED, lol. Not to mention - but I will ;) - that about the only pleasure I get out of life these days is when I really, really have to pee, go to the bathroom, and manage to do so in the appropriate location. You know, that short immediate burst of relief that you get? Yeah... That's about it. So my therapist (ME!) has told me in no uncertain terms that I really need to get back to growing cannabis, post haste.



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I grow multiple strains in similar temps. Mine range higher for the high temps but the lows are similar. I have been told to low of temps can cause hermies. Mine are like this regularly and seem to do fine. Dark periods in high 40's have not seemed to bother any of the strains. I try to keep them in the 50's but colder days it drops to around 48 before lights come back on. There might be strains that will do better in these conditions. I have grown a full range of strains at low temps and have never noticed major differences. As long as everything else is good they will adapt.


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Ironically, it was 72°F here, earlier. Cooling now, though.
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