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is it possible to collect the pollen of the males and to store them?
because i have probably a male in my seeds and i dont want to waste him so i thought i ask this if this work will i made make my own cross with him or send some pollen to my friends.
so how can i store them?
when is the bast time to take them away?
and can i do this several times when i keep him in veg and only bloom the cuts?

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Yes you can collect pollen and store it in a light prof container or something that will seal,Then put it in the veg area in the fridge. It should stay good for 6 months. The best time to take them away is as soon as you see the bananas. When you see the ball sacks and they are old enough you can take a paper bag and put over them and tap on plant to get pollen in bag. Make sure you have a hose around to spray everything to kill unwanted pollen. You might want to take a shower and change before going into you room with female plants unless you want them all knocked up and seeding.


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so it is possible that is cool maybe can i than send some pollen to my friend to cross this with his autos
so you mean that the savest way would be to take the bananas away and what than cut them to get the pollen out or what than?
i would than let the male with my mother under t8 for 18h than i hope so that they will not mix without that i want this.
can i use also a old filmrolle container that must be work or is that not seal enough?
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