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collecting resin: is there a better way?


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Is there a better way to collect the resin from a pipe than scraping it out with a paperclip? I know alot of people hate to smoke resin but thats besides the point. Currently I just scrap it with a paperclip and roll it into a little resin ball to smoke, but im interested if I could for instance maybe clean the pipe out with salt and iso alcohol than heat the solution until the alcohol evaporates? Could i than smoke the resin/salt thats leftover? I dont know if smoking resin with salt would be a good idea? Any ideas or suggestions?


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You should just forget about the resin and buy more buds. But anyways yes i have tried it . Do not use salt though use just alcohol. I have tried it because i was interested. Let it evaporate and its fine.


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Whatever you do, do not heat the ISO, it's flammable, that means baadd. Just let it evaporte, the higher ISO % you'll get, the faster it'll evaporate. You also wanna spred the ISO on a larger surface where the coat can be nice and thin, it'll evaporate faster that way, then just get a razor blade and scrap away. Not sure what you'll get, or if it'll be any good.. You'll probably end up with a dark honey colored texture type goo. Let us know how it turns out. Peace


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I would not bother man. It may have a small amount of unused active THC in it but it is also filled with tar and other harmful things you rather not smoke. That's kind of the point of filtering the smoke through water, it gets rid of all the things you don't want to inhale, so it seems kind of pointless then to try and scrape that crap up and smoke it. Plus it tastes like smoking an old wet newspaper, it's just gross!
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