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Colloidal silver not creating balls!


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Hey guys!

I have 3 strains (AK47, Maui Waui and an unknown) -- I've been trying to make feminized seeds out of each. So far it has been a fail. The first set of plants got silvered for over 40 days and only one of the three showed any signs of balls (and they were pretty small). This group was getting sprayed once a day with a 30PPM solution I made from "natural path 500PPM" silver I found on Amazon. A few weeks in I also started spraying also with some silver I generated (I can never get my own silver over 20PPM).

So now I'm trying my second set of plants and I've gone to spraying twice a day. Once in the morning with a 50PPM solution made from "ultra colloidal silver 240PPM" (I read elsewhere that people had success with that), and at night with my home-grown 20PPM.

I'm getting really close to 21 days, and still no sign of balls. And I spray the crap out of them every time. One thing I've noticed is there is very little stress showing on the plants. They are just flowering like normal and look pretty healthy! Every journal I've read says their plants look sickly due to the stress from the silver.

Does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!


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That second brand of CS is the one I use. "Ultra 240PPM"

The first one I've never tried at all tho. It sounds like a BS snake oil brand.

Ya gotta get a brand you can trust my friend.

But If you're spraying ultra 240PPM twice a day your plants will get BURNED!

Even if you watered it down!!

Watered down with the right amount of distilled water, and sprayed correctly it works great.

Anyway good luck making seeds bro! Come check out my journal if you like. :)


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thanks for the info! I'm diluting the 240PPM to between 45 and 50PPM according to my TDS tester. The plants are getting soaked twice a day and don't seem burned at all. I'm using distilled water from the grocery store. What PPM are you using? I'm about to hit 3 weeks and I'm getting worried!


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Right now I'm using 60 PPM.

My last successful pollination took only 15 days of spraying.

Sounds like your dunking them in a bath. I use a spray bottle.

I really recommend you read my thread.

It's all there, and it will save me a lot of typing. :19:
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