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Colorado: First-Ever Marijuana Gas Station Opens In City

Jacob Redmond

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Medical marijuana users can now buy pot while filling up their gas tanks in Colorado Springs.

"Gas and Grass" is the first gas station to open in Colorado Springs that's adjacent to a Native Roots medical marijuana dispensary.

Colorado does not allow pot shops to sell non-marijuana products. So, the gas station and pot shop have distinct entrances. However, medical marijuana patients that shop at Native Roots will get discounts on the gasoline, similar to a grocery store loyalty program.

Patients who register their medical card with Native Roots will receive a free tank of gas, as well as discount card with substantial gas discounts for each subsequent visit, regardless of purchase- .15 per gallon

Medical patients not registered with Native Roots will receive a discount gas card at the time of marijuana purchase. The gas discount is .05 for patients not registered with Native Roots. In addition, a purchase is required.

For those not purchasing marijuana products, gas will be available at standard prices.


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I am looking forward to the day when we have a gas station like this that not only offers Meds for their patrons but also alternative fuel from their pumps created with hemp. I hope I live that long.


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15 cents per gallon credit! That's almost better than Fry's/Kroger monthly gasoline credits, and certainly better than Shell's Saver Card (two cents credit). Oh! This is for Medical Marijuana patients only. Clever!
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