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Colorado High - Soil - CFL - Super Skunk - 2013

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Strain - Super Skunk (65% Indica / 35% Sativa)
Started from seed on December 10, 2013
Indoor Soil Grow in a 4' x 2' x 5' Grow Box

Pots - 6-2 Gallon Black Plastic Nursery Pots
Medium - 50% FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil / 50% Steer Manure Blend (Steer Manure & Compost)
Nutrients - Doggett & Simpson Growology 3-Step System & Molasses

CFL Lights (Vegetative) - 14,000 Lumens/250 Watts @ 6400K & 12,800 Lumens/184 Watts @ 5000K
CFL Lights (Flowering) - 25,200 Lumens/418 Watts @ 2700K & 2,640 Lumens/104 Watts of 10% UVB

Air Circulation - 2-6" Clip Fans
Extraction - 6"x14" Carbon Filter/130 CFM Fan Combo
Humidification - Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier

Welcome to my second grow! I'm really looking forward to applying all that I learned during my first grow as well as trying some new products, techniques, etc. to further advance my knowledge of all things cannabis!!

Tonight, I placed 6 Super Skunk seeds into a glass of tap water and I'm hoping that they will all soon germinate. Surprisingly one seed fell straight to the bottom, the other 5 are all floating on top of the water. Hopefully within the next 24-48 hours, I shall see some tap roots.
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Welcome high420kwats and The303Stoner! Yeah, I didn't want to do a classic like this one on my first grow and I'm glad to have waited. It should be a fun ride, especially now that I have my first grow to keep me company, something I did not have on my first grow.
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Last night, after two days soaking in the water, I placed all six seeds in between wet paper towels on a small plate covered by another small plate. Tonight, all six seeds have sprouted tap roots. I'll wait until the tap roots establish themselves a bit more then I will place them in peat pots with the specially prepared soil mix. More about that on the next update.
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It appears that the sprouts are more eager than I thought to get started in soil. Here is what they looked like shortly after I placed them in the wet paper towels -

Here is what they look like 12 hours later -

So I guess it's time to plant these babies. I mixed up 12 gallons, ~2 cu. ft., of soil, ~50% FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil and ~50% Steer Manure Blend. The Steer Manure Blend, steer manure & compost, is something I originally purchased for the vegetable garden and have had laying around for quite some time, so it's definitely not hot. I decided to mix it with the FFOF so that the soil wouldn't be too hot for the new seedlings. To the mix I added D&S Growology Step 1, which is a combination of humates and mycorrhizae, to the soil at the rate of 1 Tbsp/gallon or 0.75 cups for my 12 gallons. From the Step 1 label - "Healthy plants need a healthy start. This product is added to the soil in which new plants start their life. It includes a beneficial mycorrhiza, a fungus that grows around the young plant's roots to increase water and nutrient uptake throughout the plant's life cycle." Here is a picture of what it looks like right out of the bag -

After mixing everything together, I filled 6 small peat pots with the soil and placed each sprout, tap root down, ~0.5" into the soil covering the sprout completely with soil. I then placed all 6 peat pots into a small container and added plain dechlorinated tap water to let the peat pots soak it up. I also misted the top of each peat pot to ensure that each peat pot was completely moistened. Here is the peat pot setup I just described -

Now it's just a waiting game to see how many sprouts decide to make that next step to seedling. Until next time!
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It has been over 4 days since I placed the sprouted seeds into peat pots and so far nothing has come up yet. Here is the six-pack of Super Skunk two days ago, no changes since then either -

I'm starting to get a little concerned and wondering what's holding these babies up. :50: Granted, the first 2.5 days they were kept in the dark along with my recent harvest but the temps/RH weren't terrible - 60 degrees/50-60%. Two days ago, I setup the germination environment for this grow -

I've been running the lights, 14,000 lumens/250 watts @ 6400K, 24/7 about a foot away from the peat pots and the temp/RH is now mid 70's/30%. The peat pots are properly moistened and they are not sitting in any water. I still have hope since I'm running on the low side of temps for germination but even then they've been in a nice stable environment for 2 days now. Sigh.
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