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Colorado - Lawmakers Seek More Oversight Of Pot Caregivers

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Colorado medical marijuana growers would face new restrictions, including how many plants they can cultivate for patients, under a proposal advanced Wednesday by a legislative panel. The goal, the lawmakers say, is to curb abuses in the state's medical marijuana industry, which is taxed at a lower rate than Colorado's new recreational pot businesses. The concern from some lawmakers is that a large portion of the state's pot market comes from caregivers, and that as a result, a "gray market" has emerged with marijuana grown legally for medical use and then illegally sold or shared.

"I call it the legalized black market," said Rep. Tim Dore, R-Elizabeth, referring to the caregiver abuse lawmakers have heard about. "They're like, 'Hey, we grow all these plants and we're selling these out the back door to make some money off of them.' We need to curtail that." Colorado voters approved medical marijuana in 2000, and the system has remained after voters approved the drug for recreational use in 2012. The bill given initial approval Wednesday would require caregivers to resister with the state health department and the state department of revenue. Failure to register would result in criminal penalties and they could lose their ability to be a caregiver.

Caregivers would also need to go through a more stringent approval process with state health officials to grow more than six plants for each of the five patients they're allowed to have. Right now, caregivers can potentially grow hundreds of plants through an "extended plant count" exception. The measure also seeks to ensure that medical marijuana patients have only one caregiver instead of several. "That will severely cut down on black-market illegal grows," said Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace, who is on the panel along with state lawmakers crafting the bill.

The proposal still faces another vote in a couple of weeks from legislative leaders. If approved, it would be introduced next year to be vetted by the full Colorado Legislature. "This bill puts into place the protections that the citizens of Colorado deserve and expect around the all-too-often home grows occurring in their neighborhoods," Pace said.

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“They’re like, ‘Hey, we grow all these plants and we’re selling these out the back door to make some money off of them.’ We need to curtail that.”

Yeah, you wouldn't want patients to have an extra dollar in their pocket, right? Nah, that dollar needs to go towards taxes, right? Not for rent or food... Does it make politicians feel powerful to create more restrictions to health care, and to gouge medical marijuana patients? Do patients who choose pharmaceuticals pay taxes on their medicine? Why don't ya'll start taxing them?

Who are these growers (that apparently confessed to criminal activity), or are you just making this up, Mr. Dore? What problem are you trying to solve with this new legislation? (Don't worry, these are rhetorical questions -- your intentions are very clear.)

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Here we go again with the Money,Power and GREED... Why not just punish the ones breaking the rules instead of making more laws and to try and make more reasons to ban home growers. If they get caught breaking the rules then take there lesions away and fine them, or throw them in jail. Mark my words.. All the store owners will soon get on a ban wagon to get rid of home growers to make there pockets bigger with cash. That is America for ya. I already see states starting to look at making parts of cannabis legal only for the money and not for the better meds to help people in need and not cause more health problems for popping pills. Look at over half of the CO shops all were medical this and that and now the are a recreational store (Two face). If you live in CO then you will know over 1/2 of what is coming out of these shops is crap weed,not cannabis... For god sakes my two good friends went and got (what they call medical cannabis) and they had SEEDS in the buds. Get real people.. Sad days for us real growers... Awesome post paikills2,I am with you all the way.. My good friend is 74 and has bone and prostate cancer. He is on ssi and has 1100 to his name every 3rd. That is to cover his tax's food and bills to live on. With out me he would have killed him self not being able to afford what works for him.. Sorry for the rant but I have seen to many two face people in the cannabis world here in CO. On a better note thank you 420mag for the hard work and keeping everyone up on the cannabis news. Keep it growing green..


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I am also afraid that home growing will be further restricted or taken away, or just not offered, like in programs developed recently. Those who don't grow -- which I think is a majority of patients -- aren't as concerned as they should be about protecting home grows. In my opinion, medical cannabis programs will not work without that option, no matter how many patients actually use it.

I have often read that seeds are not supposed to be found in high-grade pot, but that hasn't always been my experience. (Not that New Mexico's cannabis industry can boast high-grade products.) I did find what I thought were plenty of seeds in the bud I purchased through dispensaries here... that probably has to do with the fact that New Mexico's cannabis industry is still fairly young and has had little growth opportunities. (Interestingly, some dispensaries here advertise seeded bud as a less expensive choice -- tried it, didn't like it.)

But, on more than one occasion, when my bud had seeds, it was still pretty good. Unfortunately, I've only sampled medical cannabis from New Mexico (as far as I know), so I don't have anything to compare it to. But I am looking forward to trying bud from Cali and Colorado.

I've been reading Colorado dispensary reviews because I hope to move there... one day. If you have any insider info on Pueblo, it would be much appreciated. (And thanks for appreciating my post, CO.)

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I think we may also need to look close to home on this one, who are the ones who will reap the greatest benefit from stopping home grows guys? It isn't going to be the government, because they are the ones that will need to expend money to enforce that law. The money trail leads to the big producers in the area simply wanting more of the cannabis slice if you will.

When you have competition for customers, and there is a lot of money to be had, you get businesses suggesting stringent regulation that they have already achieved. This is one of the best ways to monopolize a market, the government takes out your competition for you.

It's simple really.

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This dick Dore is trying to drum up fear for his campaign is my guess. I hate when politics are at the expense of my liberty
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