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whats up everybody, I'm new to colorado 7 months ago, and new to this site, And I'm just trying to figure it all out! Any help is much appretiated. I saw someone said they were a LICENSED cargiver. I was under the impresion you just had to have your patient fill out the paperwork,then send it in to the state. The second thing is, My plan is to give meds to my patients then sell excess to despensaries. IS THAT LEGAL.:roorrip:


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The patient has to set you as their caregiver, there is NO liscense... the state takes the paper work and registers it... but they don't send out a laminated photo liscense to anyone. Also the dispensary will 1st need a sample , everybody and their puppy has moved to CO to start a grow store, grow op or a dispensary... there is a glut and now everybody and their puppy grows or sells mmj... so now it's not even a "NOVEL" idea...
selling to a dispenary isn't 'LEGAL" but neither is mmj really, dispensaries have to get there weed somewhere though... you cant just march into a shop with 2 lbs to sell as ANYONE caught driving with over 2 ounces is illegal. so selling involves a bit more .. but I have been know to drive 3 lbs across town .... scary!
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