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Colorado, Vermont Governors Sign MMJ Bills

Jim Finnel

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Colorado is requiring caregivers to register cultivation sites and is regulating infused-products packaging, while Vermont will allow two dispensaries in the small state, under bills signed by the respective governors yesterday.

Edibles in Colorado would have been banned under House Bill 11-1250 as it was originally introduced by Rep. Cindy Acree and Sen. Scott Renfroe. But it was amended to instead require packaging that would be tamper resistant to young children or labeled, "Medicinal product - keep out of reach of children."

Meanwhile, manufacturers of marijuana-infused products will be limited, without a waiver, to growing a maximum 500 plants under House Bill 11-1043, which Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper also signed.

The bill makes other amendments to Colorado's medical marijuana law, including extending a moratorium for new medical marijuana businesses to July 2012. It also provides patient privacy protections, allows low-cost marijuana to be sold to indigent patients, and allows medical marijuana centers to sell a limited number of immature plants to patients or other centers.

HB 11-1043 takes effect July 1.

In Vermont, dispensary operators would have to pay a $20,000 registration fee the first year, and $30,000 in subsequent years, for the privilege to run a nonprofit business regulated by the Department of Public Safety, under Senate Bill 17.

The dispensaries will be allowed to sell infused products and can cultivate a limited amount of marijuana, depending on the number of registered patients it serves.

Gov. Peter Shumlin, in an emailed statement, said Vermont already recognizes the symptom relief marijuana provides to a limited class of people with debilitating medical conditions. The state legalized medical marijuana in 2004.

"The goal of this legislation is to make the compassionate promise of the Legislature a reality," Shumlin said. "This bill makes available a highly regulated source of marijuana for qualified Vermonters under very rigorous restrictions."

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Chickinlooper and the Reefer Rangers are not that bright! With the signing of HB-1043, the effectively pushed a very LARGE part of the industry back underground. There is not one single CG, that I know of, that is going to put themselves on a list, accessible to local thugs(Cops).

Lets not mention the municipality's that have banned the shops. Where are patients supposed find there relief? Oh yea, they wont be able to. STUPID!

Sry for the rant folks, time to go take my meds:roorrip:!
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there are quite a few places in Colorado that are already running above and beyond where HB-1043 sits at. granted ours was because my boss is paranoid and wants to watch...
alot or the regulations make alot of sense from a business stance...
i agree that CGs' shouldn't be required to be on a list, the thing i have noticed is that it has made a lot of CGs' i know start to work towards establishing a legitimate business.... which is i believe what they want..... TO PAY MORE TAXES!
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