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ColoradoAdam970 First Grow Journal

Hello! Starting my first grow journal with the (6) Free-bee Seeds (3) Cream Autoflower & (3) Haze XL Autoflower and (1) Northern Light Auto. All strains are from GrowersChoiceSeeds. This is my second Grow and currently have (2) Northern Light Autos and (2) Critical Purple Autos that are 5 weeks into flower in the same tent. 2 of the Cream Autos have sprouted and 1 of the Haze XL's have sprouted 2 days after germination using the paper towel technique. Still waiting for the rest to sprout, hoping they make it! :)

Here's my setup:

-5x5 Viparspectra Tent

-(2) 1200w Greengo Full Spectrum LED Lights

-(1) 4inch Exhaust fan w/carbon filter

-(7) 5 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags all with 12inch Water Pans

-Soilless Medium only been adding water. (Been working great)

-(1) 1 Gallon Humidifier

-(1) 1 Oscillating auto shut off heater (Rarely comes on used for cold nights)

-(2) 6inch fans for Air circulation

I currently have all (7) Seedlings in 5 gallon pots on top of 15 gallon buckets (turned upside down) to raise their height. Currently sitting at 33'' from the lights. took a few photos of each strain except for the Northern Light Auto Which is kind of hard to reach in back of my tent lol.. I look forward to continuing this grow journal and get some Advice from experienced auto-flower growers and anyone willing to help :)

1st photo is the Haze XL

2nd photo is the Cream Auto


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Does this seedling look like its stretching or is that the proper height? For day 3 from germination


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