Coloradokid Goes Brix In 2017

Veg room looking good, just transplanted clones from the dome to 1 gallon pots of HiBrix soil. Got all my strawberry Recess, my 1 XBJ 16 and Forest Queen seedlings all killing it just gave them their first Brix feeding!

And I'm about to kill these plants for clones cause their just odly chillin and don't really need them

Also 17 of 23 of the seeds I planted have popped above ground!
Nice looking rootball brother. I miss looking at my of the downfalls in growing in fabric pots.

Them nice brown high calcium rootballs lol.

Do you do fabric pots even for 1 gallon pots?
Them nice brown high calcium rootballs lol.

Do you do fabric pots even for 1 gallon pots?

The first grow I did plastic pots, the 2nd grow I did fabric pots (learned the importance of having velcro pots if you want to up pot). I think I am going to go back to plastic pots for my next grow.
that's the stuff!

It was crazy seeing all of the feeder roots coming off, I could tell this girl wanted to bloom very badly. That was some healthy soil ready to boom!
Day 23 flower and these girls all killing it!

Had the fans blasting too hard and gave them some wind burn early on but after the mid bloom defol on day 21 theyre looking good! HiBrix just got plain water and will get the CAT series next!

Now we got the coco tray just chugging along doing its thing!

Don't forget about the veg tray, all these Strawberry Recess and 1 forest Queen Doug their thing. Got some Holy Grail Kush clones in HB soil behind them and then clones in the dome waiting to root so I have more coco plants as well

By the way, all the pouches are Andersoni predatory mites for IPM.
What's up all, I've been super busy lately and haven't been on here much... my HiBrix girls in flower are in the middle of their CAT Drench series. I gave them first CAT at day 28 pots flip so I bit late so we will see how these strains like that.

Rassberry Hashplant top

On the other side of the room we have the coco plants doing their thing. This Holy Grail Kush seems like it'll be a heavy yielder. I am running 2 phenos though and the OG leaning pheno won't yield as much per plant and my other pheno.

Just transplanted a bunch of clones into coco and I already have my HiBrix girls going for next round. Left is HiBrix including the tall seedlings lol and right side is all coco


Here are my seedlings. Some Jamaican Hashplant, Forest Queen and Jillybean. The last few pics are of a mutated Jamaican
Gorgeous healthy plants Co.kid! Those fans leaves are huge!!
. They make me smile everytime I see them!

I thought CK just had really small hands LOL....maybe you are right, maybe they are huge leaves!

lol they definitely make it look like I do, but they're just big healthy girls!
Tiny hands a fake plants. Scam! Con artist!

High Brix trickery, that's all it is.

Haha Hibrix magic is what I call it!
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