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Columbia, Missouri Police Chief Endorses Marijuana Legalization


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We really made an impact here. I don't know if he's saying it because he thinks it'll get the protesters off his back, or because he really does see the value of it, but it's good either way.

Via Morgan Fox at MPP:

During a press conference yesterday, Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton went out of his way to state his support for ending marijuana prohibition.

"I applaud your efforts," he told a reporter who asked about campaigns to change marijuana laws. "If we could get out of the business [of going after marijuana offenders], I think there would be a lot of police officers that would be happy to do that." [...]

Chief Burton also acknowledged that violence surrounding marijuana is often associated with the illegal market created by prohibition, and not the drug itself. "Crimes do occur because of marijuana," he said. "And you may make the argument that it's because it's not legal, and you may be right."

Of course, he's not going to stop enforcing the law, but he's indicated that he's behind efforts to change the law.

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from the video he said "I don't have anything against it except it's against the law"
I am assuming what he meant was because it is still illegal he has to uphold the law, but if he meant that he is against the law that makes it against the law than he should be doing more to change the law as he is a part of the law enforcement, but I don't believe he is saying what he is saying because of the media, as he said he is sure alot of officers would prefer not to have to enforce this law, JMO.


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I believe there are officers that are against the prohibition of cannabis but I believe they are a minority in the law enforcement, and the majority of those not in the minority deserve to be in prison for crimes against the citizens of this country.


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Ahhhh the old "it's the law" reason for enforcing. Of course we now know the real story behind this case and it does make these guys look stupid and untruthful, but I wish someone would have brought a list of all the laws in that area and shown just how many get upheld and how many just get ignored.

As per usual I don't buy the excuse.
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