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Combination of strains


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I sure ended up with a variety this time around. I got strains from the clubs as well as others. Here is the list. Looking for comments about your favorite on the list and what to do special for each.

Gorilla Glue #2
Gorilla Glue #4
Golden Goat
Kosher Kush
Purple Kush
Platinum Purple
TITS #12
B-1 (a TITS crossed with Golden Goat)

So let me know what you know. We all need as much info as we can get.


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Nice collection, man :thumb:


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It's going to be a good year. The first of many have made the change of life. Just love those first flowers. Saved cuttings off my new strains. Just incase they are winners.


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Wow, I out did myself this round.

The Sherbet is the fattest, sweetest one of the batch right now. She is also the first view when walking through the door.

The new greenhouse with all the environmental controls works so well. Just wish I didn't have to go to work all week. I could hang with the ladies 24/7.

About 4-5 weeks in now. Have been brewing Earth Juice the whole round. They love it.

More strain specific pics coming after the long weekend.


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