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Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya

Hyena Merica

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Yummm nice - would be interested in the genetics on those puppies??
I reversed a Sweet Seeds Dark Devil auto and crossed it with a Mephisto Sour Crack auto. Classic DDA structure, but less of the purple and floral scent. I've grown them in DWC and got 36-40" plants.


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Friday night on a holiday weekend!
I’m gonna enjoy some homegrown OO Kush bud and Deep Purple’s classic LP Machine Head.

It’s got the outstanding tracks “Highway Star”, “Pictures of Home”, “Space Truckin’” and of course the mega hit “Smoke on the Water”

Happy Friday evening!



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As per your request good sir...


The buds purpled a bit in flowering, and the variegated ones tried to turn purple too. You kind of have to look closely to see it -comes through as a pink colour on top of the yellow/white. I thought that was cute- the white parts trying to turn purple like that.
Unbelievable! What did it taste like? Do you have dried pictures?o_O
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