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Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya


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Nice bouquet in the last pic- bet it smells as good as it looks...


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Hoping to get another week in but I think my Black Sugar plant from Seedsman is becoming root bound from being in the fabric for 27 weeks. (From my first attempt at my 2nd grow. Lone survivor) She’s getting some purpling happening but a lot of yellow too, and more everyday. Still she is one loaded bud filled plant



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i also had 850g wet trimmed of a critical, was my first grow and so i am extremely happy!!

will be at least 3 weeks in the fridge for these guys,
Congrats on your harvests. Yields sound pretty good. I'd be stoked! :48:

You gonna like the low n slow if you haven't tried it yet. Keeps a lot of terpines in the flower.

Liquid Imagination #2,Girl in training - 30ish days flower

Honey Badger Haze #1 - cola. She's a shorty but stacked. You know the build. Fire crackers come to mind.

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