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Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya


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31 day since flip

Jack h.

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Photo of the Month: Mar 2020
Some amnesia haze auto colas :ganjamon:

She still has a week or two to go.. still swelling up and Trichomes are plenty clear.


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Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017

Hash Hound

Plant of The Month: 2012 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Dec 2016, June 2017


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Here are the three, well two girls and one hermie, that I have going. I got screwed again by a stealth hermie putting out only one banana at a time. I really like the looks of this unknown so since it had already f*cked up the room I left it to see what happens. I have gone on banana watch though :3:

Come on folks let's put some life in this room ... plant life!!! Let's see some posts!!!!

I Squat Girl (indica) this crazy plant is only about 10" tall and each branch looks like this

This is the hermie (?) looks very sativa like

this is S2 Girl (two pics hash bud plant) she has just been moved to the back 40

They are beautiful


Photo of the Month: May 2019
Damn pretty when they get near the end. Gelat Og, maybe a week to go.

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Wow, caught up 10 pages, you folks are bringing some straight up fire. Some great photos. A few will have to be shared on the 420 Mag IG.

my ladies are out of control and are a bit far from the light. Quick snaps with the phone. Too busy to bust out the camera lately.



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Hi all, :48: Purple Punch, sprouted on Feb 14th. First coco grow.
Chopped yesterday. Stay safe and stay stoned!


Photo of the Month: Mar 2020
@Sätkis Your grow cab is always on point Braddah :high-five:
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