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Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya


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Hyena Merica

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Those look fantastic! What strain is it? Beautiful!
Thank you!

The strain names are Incredible Bulk and Delhi Friend. Those names both SUCK however, so I have renamed them MR. INCREDIBLE and SATURN 5.

Much better I think.

Peace, Hyena


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Bare with me peeps. Order this back in 2012 and had three beans leftover. Only one Popped on my Bodhi NL#5 . Some of the finest smoke for me to date.
Only problem, alot of phenos in this pack. Sure it going to be similar, going to cross it with my Haze x C99 or Purpledream from GDP or both..lol..
Hell yeah braddah! Northern Lights can be mayjah! Best of luck with the pollen chuck action.

Some Gelat OG and cream Mandarine xl


Hash Hound

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This was a freebie seed I got from Barney’s Farm
Peyote Critical
She was so much fun to watch. Easy grow and she loves LED’s.
My first Led flowers :)



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I just pulled these 2 plants. They are Wembley from Pyramid seeds 80/20 indica. I had a blast this season. One of the plants was in soil one in RDWC. I have 2 left in hydro

Hydro plants altogether

The hydro plant i cleaned today

The soil plant

I hope all your grows are going well. Cheers!
So the smaller of the 2 plants did 10.9oz. A personal best from the 3x3 closet it grew in.

The big plant surprised me. 26.39oz. It was a strange plant grew kinda wispy. It was a really large plant with 60 inch branches in a scrog, but you would never know. Heres a shot of the end of one of the buds. I cant remember if I shared this one yet... i didn't see it

And a shot of it growing. A little more than the right half of the picture


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Wow that's. Bigun I might have to get some Wembley in my seed collection.!
The breeder Pyramid makes some great stuff, but you've seen that with King Tut. That one plant you did was a mutha.
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