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Come on folks let's see your veg plants! Here's some for ya


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My outdoor vegging girls. All are seeds from unknown Afghan male with Skunk Diesel female. Plant on left is from seed, right is clone. I have a sister to the clone chilling in a pot. That one may end up indoors. I also have two small plants that are back to health and ready for inside. A Black Sugar Rose and Blueberry.



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Cookie OX from Rare Dankness which is The Ox ((Bubba*Blue Moonshine)*Bubba)*GSC - Forum Cut. 80-90% indica

The pic was taken after I removed a lot of leaves:


(35 cm tall and 87 cm diameter at the thickets). Never grown this strain before, but got high hopes:)

It covers about 0,7-0,8 square meter of a tent that is 1,5*1,5 meters in size. Will move into a bigger pot and flower later this week.

Got another plant that is even bigger in the same tent, a Double Banana Sherbert from the Plug seedbank, which is even bigger.

Can upload a pic of that crazy plant as well if anyone wants to see?:)


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I topped this Seedsman JH between third and fourth node at day 24
this is day 36

and I stuck the small top in a rockwool cube and 12 days later nothing
I checked and pulled on the top and it came right out of the hole and had no sign of a root,
so I snipped the end a bit and scraped the little stem there was.

and 2 weeks later this



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These ladies where started on 8/1
Here is a pic of them last Monday 9/2 after the get them ready for flower with a good trim.
20190902_124136 (2).jpg

One week later, 9/9, they were put into flower on Saturday 9/7, only 70 or so days to go. :)

Plants are very healthy, 8 plants, 4 G13 Haze, 2 BlueBerry and 2 Original Skunk #1. All have been tied down to control height, will see if I have to put some on stands as they start to stretch, and maintain canopy height.
Bubba kush day 80. Thought I had 4 autos but this beauty turned out ot be a photo. Lst at the start then exparemented with some topping. Going to start her flowering in a week or so once the last auto finishes out. Not much room left in the tent so I'm going to scrog her down the best I can. Any comments would be appreciated.

Cheers and happy growing


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Been lurking a while, getting used to the formats...
These are my girls...
Picture of four tall vegg'd are clones, been vegging for a few(4) days in soil from RW(RockWool);
DO-SI-DO Purple Punch
SFV OG Blue Dream
Top x3 are GG#4 (FASTBUDS) from seed
Peyote Gorilla clone (LST/Mainling) in blue pot
Two bottom solo cups are;
Phantom Cookies (DSS)
Either purple Alaskan or Cookies (Dinafem) got in trade mix
Red cup and Orage cup are ones i also got in a trade from a grower;
PeanutButter Breathe x MeatBreathe
Jack Herrer x Durban Poison

All in a 4'x4'x8' under a 1200w LED
Grown in HD/BlackMagic Soil
With: Nutrifield, Pure Ess. BLACK LABEL, SLF-100 and CalMag

Working on a grow log here soon.



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4 Triple Cheese and one Ayashauasca Purple, 14 day into veg, topped once, maybe 4 to 6 weeks of training.
5 plant vertical grow, starting training next week.
20191207_134321 (2).jpg


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Have started training these ladies for my vertical screen.
5 plants @ day 15 of veg.
20191211_105728 (2).jpg

20191211_105722 (2).jpg

The back of the screen.
20191211_105351 (2).jpg

The group.
20191211_105654 (2).jpg

Back in the tent.
20191211_121436 (2).jpg

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Day 24 Veg.
Things are going well. After topping I am unsure if I will get the upright growth needed for a vertical grow. According to the breeder the plants should be 90 to 100 cm, that ain't gonna happen.
C2 is showing a touch of Calcium issues so increased the CaliMagic and Epsom just a bit.

20191217_103236 (2).jpg

20191217_103805 (2).jpg

20191217_103252 (2).jpg

20191217_103258 (2).jpg

20191217_103303 (2).jpg

20191217_103307 (2).jpg

20191217_103311 (2).jpg

In response to a private message I received, the little white thingy in the middle of the red feed lines is a quick disconnect so I can remove the plants from the tent to work on them.

20191217_103639 (2).jpg
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