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Come on folks let's see your veg plants! Here's some for ya


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Wow, so many of you have really nice plants, both indoors and outdoors. I ended up spending the winter months growing seedlings in my tent. Unfortunately, out of the 8 seeds I had, only 1 was female. But I made a ton of clones from her and they are doing well. I'm a little behind on my grow. But I'm pretty sure it will be fine in a month or so.


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4 wonderskunks in 4x8 tent. About week to flip.

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A quick update of the gals vegging in my sun room.:blunt:Hope everyone is doing well!:48:

Cola Monster…realizing I’ve been seeing awesome updates randomly the past few years from your sunroom. Congrats on that wonderful natural light space, would love to wander into an inside garden every day…I have a 3x3 cabinet. Those plants portend a spectacular finish. Cheers


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