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Theres alot of times on 420magazine where somebody has said a kind word or offered good advice and even so far as to offer their kindness and friendship.

If theres someone that you would like to thank, or commend for something positive they've done, heres a place you can do it :allgood:.

Personally, i'd like to thank smokin.moose for being the first persont o contact me and talk to me, to offer help and appreciate my rants and stuff. Thank you for making 420mag seem like a friendly place for me when i first registered and for all your help. Your kindness and friendlyness? (if thats a word) was one of the core reasons that i bothered to sign in more than a couple times...

and second and equally important i'd like to thank stonergrower4's kindness in talking to me and continuous support and offers to help me. and thank you for willing to help and being so nice even tho i'm new addition to this community and to offer your hand in friendshp half a globe away. and this in many ways is one of the greatest incentives to come back and stay on 420mag because you know there are friends here...=]

:) thanks you two. :headbang:

and thanks for everyone else who has ever replied to my posts and questions. i think i thank you on the actual thread already (sorry if i missed you) but yeah. i dont dont take your effort in replying lightly because alot of times people dont bother to make their opinions or views shown, and when they do, i definitely appreciate the fact that they have actually made the effort to do so.

so yeah...

post your commendations and appreciations heheh i dont think there should be a lack of any on 420mag.

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I can list about 30 members whom I look forward to hearing from and I give thanks to all of them who keep this site going; if they are good-natured, that's an extra 50 points. Special appreciation to all the Mods. I value all the gro masters for sharing their smarts. Special thanks to you, Onwi, for your eagerness to come out and play. :3:

Jim Finnel

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thanks to my wife for..... everything, she makes my life complete

thanks to 420 for creating this place and paying the bills to keep it going.
thanks to the members for building on what 420 started. without you....
thanks to the staff for support and watching over us
thanks to stoner4life for being my news mentor and teaching me how to newshawk
thanks to the sponsors for supporting the site


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I would like to thank my 3 previous wives who made me complete for my 4th wife.. and I'm not kidding.

And thanks to all the folks that make this island of sanity possible in this ocean of nuttiness.

Amen! brothers and sisters!:peace::3:


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Thanks julianne. hehehe thank you to for always being present in threads and contributing and giving everything your 2 cents. you must be poor by now. (ok bad joke) and double thanks for being a goodsport. HAHA. :D

and i got new big thanks for the news mod USER who was very kind today helping me with some personal issues. i really appreciate it man. thank you again for your words and kindness. i dont cease to be amazed at the level of sensitivity and kindness prevalent throughout this website. again my thanks and appreciation USER.

keep it up guys. spread the love :D. let people noe that whatever they did mattered to you. :)


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:( why do you torture me so lord mong...

HAHa thats so true.

thanks lord mong for always being ready with a joke and a lighthearted word or two. :)


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reps for everyone that i can, thats my thank you!


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Thanks to everyone for being so sweet to me.. :)


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first of all i'd like to say thanks to my mum and my dad...
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