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Commission Opens Dispensary Hearings


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The director of a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland told the Stockton Planning Commission on Thursday that allowing dispensaries in Stockton could generate significant local revenue, as the commission opened hearings to consider whether to recommend an ordinance sanctioning the drug's sale.

Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center, a nonprofit group that does some $20 million in sales annually, said the center paid the city of Oakland more than $390,000 in taxes and fees last year and that Stockton could enjoy revenues "in the millions of dollars" if it let dispensaries cultivate their own marijuana, which Oakland does not allow.

DeAngelo and Deputy Police Chief Mark Helms gave extensive presentations. Helms said Oakland "has some serious crime and quality-of-life issues" and referred to the city's high crime rate.

Commissioner Randy Hatch asked Helms if there was a link between dispensaries and crime in Oakland. Helms said there is a link between drugs and violent crime, but "to tie it to their dispensaries, I would be out of line to say that."

Helms said the Police Department's position on allowing marijuana sales is neutral, but heavy regulation is in order if sales are allowed. Policing dispensaries would further burden the department, he said. He estimated additional annual labor costs of $540,000 to $695,000.

The City Council in February directed staff to draft an ordinance permitting the sale of medical marijuana. The Planning Commission, after studying the matter, is to make a recommendation to the council. The commission is to hold a second hearing March 18.

At least three medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in Stockton since November. City Hall has said the operations are illegal and is seeking a court order to close them.

Bayside Solutions, which opened in a storefront on Pacific Avenue near Swain Road, will close by March 18, Howard Seligman, a lawyer representing Bayside, told the commission.

The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday put a temporary ban on dispensary openings in unincorporated areas of the county, a measure meant to afford officials time to craft a permanent rule. It was unclear if that permanent rule would extend the ban or sanction sales.

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