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Compassionate Doctors - Northern Colorado


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THCF (The Help and Cannabis Foundation) has several physicians and nurse practitioners who help qualified patients obtain a state permit for medical marijuana in Colorado (as well as a number of other states). Their physicians require that each patient have current medical records that document the existence of one of the conditions for which medical marijuana is authorized under their state law. You must either obtain your medical records yourself (which may involve a fee) and bring them in to our appointment, or you may authorize that your medical records be faxed or mailed to their office.

Since the doctors are consulting with patients solely about their qualification for medicinal cannabis, and can not act as a patient's primary physician, they do require that all patients have at least one other current physician.

1. Check in. We must copy your state identification card for their file, locate or obtain your medical records, and create or locate their version of your medical file.

2. They have an extensive seven-page questionnaire for their new patients (), or a two-page questionnaire for their returning patients. Then, you write your name, info and today's date on top of several forms that are your medical records, and fill in any applicable state forms.

3. They have 20 minutes of video to orient you to your state's medical marijuana law, its program, and the use and cultivation of medical marijuana, including alternatives to smoking, such as vaporization. This answers most of most people's questions and is accompanied with printed support material and notes. Prior permit-holders may skip this step.

4. You meet with their staff person, who answers any remaining questions you have about medical marijuana. You pay the clinic's fee here. You also receive information about medical marijuana resources in your community.

5. You see a Nurse Practitioner, or Registered Nurse, who conducts a non-invasive physical exam. No bodily fluids are taken. The nurse documents the results of the exam.

6. You meet a Medical Doctor who specializes in cannabis, cannabinoids and their medical efficacy. The doctor must review the physical exam, read your medical records, determine your qualifying condition(s), write several pages of medical records, then fill in all necessary state forms for your medical marijuana permit.

7. They must make copies of all these forms and medical records for you and for your file at their office.

8. You receive your originals and copies of your state medical marijuana permit forms and your medical records. They have an informational form they call the "Now What?" form, which explains what you must do when you leave and how to renew your permit next year. There is a brief exit interview and you are ready to go.

So if you're looking for compassionate doctors in Northern Colorado, contact THCF:

Colorado Clinic
4485 Wadsworth Blvd #302
WheatRidge, CO 80033
CO (303)403-9996
Map of 4485 Wadsworth Blvd Wheat Ridge, CO by MapQuest


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can i just take my california mmj card and paperwork into the doctor and make it a little easier? I travel non stop and live in a non mmj state that borders CO. I'm constantly there and it would be nice to be registered in both states! In my state it's only a 100 dollar misdemeanor. Then you go to the city attorney and say i have a mmj card and smoked in 13 legal states. They drop any charges and out you go. Here, the mmj sneaks in anyway occasionally bringing 250-300 dollar oz's of purple urkel, tundra, grandaddy, big buddha chees, lowryder diesel, mango diesel, yada, yada. I just want to be able to pick up my medicine wherever i may be. In this town a pipe is worse than weed. and anything under 100 plants is a small slap on the wrist and maybe some community service, just don't do it again! They look ad DUI's as worse than mj. Our state legislature sees mmj as non effective because all the old farmers here think it's the devil thanks to refer madness oh so many years back. Law won't change here till they all die off!


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Thanks for the reply, I'll just stick to what i have and let colorado's MMJ make it's way here at cheaper prices. or just visit the growers themselves. You save a lot more that way and usually better quality anyway. I got a 250 dollar OZ of Buddha cheese in boulder and the quality was better than the shop! they keep the good stuff for themselves then sell the lower buds to the doc anyway.


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hey slice, seems like a rigerous routine! In cali i just took my health records from my dotor then got a full physical and out i went with my medicine in hand, plus they have edibles, concentrates and a much better selection. Plus, vending machines................
so much easier. Why put your name on a list in colorado, when i have friends that get busted when they are in other counties in CO that don't recognize MMJ Not all of Colorado is as lax as they say!


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plan to be moving to the Colorado ,springs area just wondering about any grow friendly apartments and if any one fills likes sharing some info on the HOW pot SAFE SPRINGS is actually would be great thanks and i got med records out the ass i have the back problem called SPONDYLOSIS regular doctor visits are a must so im sure i meet the standards for the mmj card just need to get ouseing into the works
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