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Compendium of High CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds


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:love:Compendium of High CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds:love:

Caveat: I am not a medical doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I am writing from my experience and research. However, according to multiple studies in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, CBDs have proven medical applications in treating chronic pain, epilepsy, neuropsychiatric, and psychiatric disorders. (i.e.: Cannabidiol: pharmacology and potential therapeutic role in epileps... - PubMed - NCBI)

Parents: For treating seizure disorders in children, very low THC strains with a high CBD profile is recommended. Newly released Thunderstruck by Sin City is commercially available in seed form and rivals Charlotte's Web.

Cancer: While this is not a cancer treatment list, for cancer applications, try high THC strains of at least 15% THC with at least 5% CBD to make the most of cannabis' synergistic curative properties, tumor reduction, appetite increase, pain relief, stress and anxiety relief. (EG: Blue Blood) High THC buds cut with high CBD buds is another option.


I built this list of high CBD strains while writing my CBD Medical Cannabis Brew thread. I wasn't expecting the list to get so huge. Hence, I decided to give the list its own thread so others could contribute and help with corrections. I've only included high CBD strains which have at least 5% CBD and excluded 1-5% CBD strains and strains that I could not find percentages on because the definition of high CBD fluctuates and could mean anything. This is a seed only list as some popular CBD strains like Charlotte's Web may not be commercially available in seed form.

The list is divided the way it is to help growers decide which strains work best for their growing conditions. Bushy photo period strains tend to be more indica dominant. Mixed traits photo period strains can have phenotypes that pull either indica or sativa growth patterns or have wild CBD fluctuations and should be tested professionally for phenotype quality. Tall photo period strains tend to pull more sativa growth patterns. Autoflowering strains tend to have ruderalis growth patterns.

5%+ CBD Bushy Photo Period Strains:
  • TGA Subcool Pennywise Regular Seeds | THC: 12-15% | CBD: 12-15%
  • Medicann Blue Blood Feminised Seeds | THC: 15-20% | CBD: 10%
  • Paradise Durga Mata II CBD Feminised Seeds | THC: 7% | CBD: 8.5%
  • Barneys CBD Critical Cure Feminised Seeds | THC: 5.5% | CBD: 8%
  • Dinafem Feminised Critical Mass CBD Seeds | THC: 6-8% | CBD: 6-8%
  • Dutch Passion CBD Kush Feminised Seeds | THC: 7% | CBD: 7%
  • Barneys CBD Blue Shark Feminised Seeds | THC: 6.5% | CBD: 6.5%
  • Dinafem Feminised Shark Shock CBD Seeds | THC: 6% | CBD: 6%
  • CBD Crew Shark Shock Feminised Seeds | THC: 6% | CBD: 6%
  • CBD Crew Sweet N Sour Widow Seeds | THC: 5% | CBD: 5%

5%+ CBD Mixed Traits Photo Period Strains:
  • Resin Cannatonic Feminised Seeds | THC: 1.16-25% | CBD: .33-20% (wild fluctuations)
  • BC Bud Depot CBD God Regular Seeds | THC: 4% | CBD: 4-16% (wild fluctuations)
  • CBD Crew Critical Mass Feminised Seeds | THC: 5% | CBD: 5%

5%+ CBD Tall Photo Period Strains:
  • Sin City Thunderstruck Feminised Seeds | THC: .1-2% | CBD: 16-22%
  • Sin City Treasure Island Feminised Seeds | THC: 2-4% | CBD: 8-16%
  • Sin City HarleSin Feminised Seeds | THC: 5-8% | CBD: 10-15%
  • BC Bud Depot Harlequin Bx4 Regular Seeds |THC: 7-12% | CBD: 7-12%
  • CBD Crew Mango Haze Feminised Seeds | THC: 6-8% | CBD: 8-10%
  • CBD Crew Medi Haze Feminised Seeds | THC: 4% | CBD: 8%
  • Dutch Passion ComPassion Feminised Seeds | THC: 6% | CBD: 6%
  • CBD Crew Skunk Haze Feminised Seeds | THC: 5% | CBD: 5%
  • Dutch Passion CBD Skunkhaze Feminised Seeds | THC: 5% | CBD: 5%

5%+ CBD Autoflowering Strains:
  • CBD Crew & Grass-O-Matic Med GOM Auto 1.0 Feminised Autoflowering Seeds | THC: 4-10% | CBD: 15%

PS: I'm still working on this list and need to review strains like ACDC, Valentine X, Sour Tsunami, Avidekel, etc., but need to save this before my web browser crashes again.:;):


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I still have more new strains to add to the list . . . when my fingers unfreeze. It's so cold in my part of the U.S. It's winter. Brrrrr, back in Hawaii it would be 20 stadium jacket weather. This old surfer girl can't handle 20 jackets:surf:


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I got excited to see someone made a list!
Too many 'altered' genetics. I won't grow femmed or auto seeds. Seems like the seed banks are stocking much less regular photoperiod strains anymore. :(
Pennywise is on my radar, but I have mixed feelings about SubCool's strains. I have their Apollo 13 x Vortex cross. Great strain as far as potency and flavor and such, but it fox tails. Some people don't mind it, but I know others are like me in this regard. :9: I will concede that it may add to yield, but they aren't as aesthetically pleasing.
I had bad luck trying to grow white widow too, so that sweet & sour widow has me worried too :(

I'm in between grows due to moving, but I'm going to be ordering some CBD genetics in the next couple weeks. I'll post which strains I settle on when I do.

Thanks for making the list! :Namaste:


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Thank you for putting the time into this and sharing,, :Namaste:


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Thanks for the list. I'm about to grow my own for the first time so I can get some high CBD strains. @volcanorasta; I've got hold of some CBD Kush seeds and have a question if I may... My tent hasn't arrived yet so I was thinking of vegging some plants for a few weeks with no tent (under my brand new Mars II 400). Do you recall if the plants smell strongly before flowering and if so at what age? It would be very helpful to know as my tent will take 3 weeks to arrive.


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