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Complete Newbie & Using LED


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Hello all,

OK I'm completely new to growing, I'll be a caregiver for my uncle. I need to produce 24 oz a year hopefully with two grows a year once I learn what I'm doing. Still waiting for my card to arrive but this is what I have.
Tent 4x4x6
California light works SS 880 led ( wife is scared of fire so no hid)
Will be using soil ( any suggestions on nutes will be appreciated)
Probably going to go with indicas guy I know has clines of headband and dark star
That's about it for now should have my card in the next week or so , any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Jack Dabs

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re: Complete Newbie & Using LED

Hi Smokie

I am on my first indoor grow so don't know how much help I can be but I will try. I am eager to see how you do with LED's. I have a small grow space but having heat troubles so am keen to look into LEDs with a view to the future. As for nutes I am using canna terra for veg and some random flowering nutes I got with my tent set up.

Canna seems ok had pretty explosive growth in veg and plant looked healthy until I overdid the nutes which I then had to flush.

Best of luck to you.

If you are looking at producing maximum from minimal plants, have a look at Light Addicts threads, wealth of information in there. I have learned quite a lot from Radrogast and Peejay too. Figure out what you want to achieve, what methods appeal to you and then search out relevant journals. It's what I have done and on my first grow, I have experimented with auto's photo's, scrog, defol etc.

I am having a blast hope you do too and well wishes to your uncle.

Oh and upload lots of pics as you go along, when others can see whats happening, some of the more experienced guys will give you some great advice.

David Bowman

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