Concept's 16 Strain Soil Grow 2012


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So this is my third grow, and I was looking to add some variety to my garden. Will be taking clones and making mothers for a larger grow to start this Christmas. I am planning on switching to flowering on October 3rd, the seeds were germinated today Sept 18th. Harvest should be around Dec 5th depending on strain. Goal of this grow is a perfect run, a big hope but I want to try for it. I want to try and quickly correct any problems that arise and make these ladies the best they possibly can be. My first grow was a failure, they got root rot and ended up with nute lockout and died. My second grow I'm about to harvest in one week. So far everything has gone much smoother, some gnats and nutrient deficiencies but nothing too bad.

Hope to have you tagging along :)

What strain is it?
Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush
Barneys Farm G13 Haze
Barneys Farm Lucy
Green House Seeds Bubba Kush
Green House Seeds Jack Herer
Green House Seeds Hawaiian Snow
Humboldt Seed Organisation Chemdawg
Humboldt Seed Organisation Trainwreck
Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream
Nirvana Seeds AK 48
Reserva Privada Purple Wreck
Reserva Privada OG Kush
World of Seeds Afghan Kush
Delicious Seeds Cheese Candy
Seedsman White Widow
(A nug) Grapefruit Kush

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
If in Veg... For how long? Target flowering date is October 3rd
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor 4x4 tent then 6x4 room
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Personally Mixed, peat moss based
If soil... What size pot? 5 gallon
Size of light? 600w HID then 1 600w 1 400w
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 79 - 82
How often are you watering? Every other or every three days
Type and strength of ferts used? Sensi Grow/Bloom
Room will be a 6x4x6. I smoke A LOT so I like to change up the smoke as much as I can. I don't have much to do with my days unfortunately so I have lots of time to spend on my lil hobby. Have my eyes set on making this a career if possible. Haven't found anything that brings me the satisfaction that this does.

As a mini update, we now have 5 seedlings poking out :p.
Yep...i'm tryiong to get some seeds going for my inside grow..going to go all hydro this time...see how bad i mess up...i think all my grows are haunted...i just pulled 7 males from my outside grow...1 from my i'm ending this year..just great...right now...kind of crusin...watching trics..looking for that 1st amber...nights are cooling off...30s tomorrow ladies are going to turn purple..i'm trying to get a Hash Plant and a Auto Pounder started..along with some Jock that Jock...i had 4 more strains..clones..i had the cloner sitting in the window and the clones i just potted a 12/12 from clone...all the veg time they had were with their Mama..1 cola ..from ground up...4 inches tall...well...thats a blount dry..ok..just crusin the site...see who i can help...see who can help me..git that info...later...stay focus...:thumb:
Welcome to Concept's now 14 strain grow :/. Sadly AK-48 and Jack Herer never came out of the soil, I found their dried remains in the soil today :/.

On a happy note we still have 14 left! Lucy and Cheese Candy are both under humidity domes and T5 lighting for now while they strengthen up. They both seem to have some type of issue with their first 2 leaves. Babying them for now, praying atleast the Lucy makes it. Was really looking forward to that Lucy.

For the other 9 successful strains, I have put them in a 3x3x6 tent and under a 600w HID. They got moved to their new home last night and seem to be taking to their HID very well.

Official-ish Part:
I count breaking soil as day one so the official day 1 is the 22nd.
This makes my babies 12 days old.
October 7th will be flowering day
December 1st will start "harvest week"!
Currently watering every several days no ferts
Lighting is 1 600w HID
Temp is 89*

Looking good. Keep it up. If you need anything let me know. Subbed!
Feel free to check out my grow and my completed grow. You may have more to teach me than I have for you as I am a novice. :)
I see you like Kushes....i almost order a ..OD KUSH and a Cannalope Kush today..they were freebies..i was trying to order a 2046..the order didn't go i had to go to another plants are about 3...4 days old...i plan to start a DWC...i hope i can duck those hydro problems...need any got plenty on stand-by..stay focus...
Yeah kush is fun :D. I was looking at that sale on attitude atm too. Seems a good time to order. Was thinking about picking up some liberty haze and grand daddy purp while they are in stock but I think I'm gunna wait.

Good luck on the dwc, remember don't let ANY light into the res chamber lol. Thats what killed off my first grow.
yep...i tried to order from order wouldn't go through...yeah..i know about the light...also the temp can mess you up...i got some of those round 5gal freezer chest from walmart...the bagseed i got going gets a 5gal bucket...i ordered a 3 pack of 2046...another sativa to test my LSTing skills...the freebies was a Diesel and 2 sleestack x was that WW,,,i need some high thc strains...i heard the widow was a good white strain...i'll be harvesting a White Shark in two weeks..
:*( Lucy died....
Seriously considering going for another shopping spree on attitude. REALLY wanted some of that Lucy, and now grand daddy purp is in stock, and so is liberty haze. Really wanted those 3.

@miwa the widow was pretty good, I didn't get the results I had hoped for but it gets the job done. Mine never finished coating it self in snow for some reason :/. I've always been pretty happy with attitude. Some people have issues ordering from the states because their in the UK and your bank usually thinks it's an unauthorized transaction.
Yep...i had a e-mail from herbies in my box this beans are on the signature required and i got tracking numbers,,thats taking care of business..had another Hash plant pop last still have not grown...the stem is nice and green but the 1st leaves are still folded sprouts are growing but her...i hate autos...i think they are retarded...
Yeaaaaah, I'm subbed i gotta see this lol
Yeaaaaah, I'm subbed i gotta see this lol

welcome to the show :) hope you enjoy

sweet setup, i can dig wanting so many diff strains but are they all conditioned for the same enviroment? subbed fasho! good luck to you m8!

Welcome :). I'm still new at this so I may be wrong, but I believe cannabis of all kinds grows under similar conditions. However the same idea passed my mind too lol. I haven't seen this done before so honestly I'm not sure.

Yep...i had a e-mail from herbies in my box this beans are on the signature required and i got tracking numbers,,thats taking care of business..had another Hash plant pop last still have not grown...the stem is nice and green but the 1st leaves are still folded sprouts are growing but her...i hate autos...i think they are retarded...

Grats on your purchase! Hope they get to you alright. Positive vibes to your new buddy :). I've never used autos but I've heard some weird stuff can happen.

Update on grow:
Nothing much new. My OG Kush has another different plant growing out of the soil some how 0.o. Been watching it and definitely isn't cannabis, no idea how a seed of any kind could have gotten there. Also some slight discoloration on one of them I'll be sure to post later. Oh and we might be adding an LED to the mix 0.o.

Have $400 to spend, what do you guys think it should go too?

have a 4x4x6 tent
Have 1 600w hid and 1 400w hid for lighting atm
SensiGrow/Bloom nutes
have a fan on each hid and one 4" duct fan currently hitting ~90*
and 13 strains
It's grow's like this that make me wish people i personally know would grow. I've got one dude. ONE dude that i know that grows and he lives in a different state. I hope this all turns out man It's going to be a journey.
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