Concept's 16 Strain Soil Grow 2012

Let me know what you guys think of this idea.

24 plants (going sog hempy style)
12 strains (2 plants each)
2 600w HIDs
2 216w T5s for side lighting
4x2x4 tent
150w/sqf of HID light
204w/sqf total light
maybe get some blue planet nutrients or similar

I dunno if this would be overkill or not but think it would be fun to find out :D.
Sounds like a good time if you can keep the heat manageable.
Flowering started on schedule on the 7th. Plants are all looking good. Currently have them split up 9 in one area 4 in another. Waiting on my 4x4 tent to come.


I'll be starting that 4x2x4 grow shortly, waiting on shipping. Should be a lot of fun. Have 2 600w HIDs, and 2 216w T5s for side lights. So should be looking at between 150w-204w / sqft. Will have a fan on each HID and 1 for intake as well as 1 for outtake. If heat becomes a problem I'll remove the T5 systems as they aren't really necessary at this point. If it still is a problem I'll just get the HID's air cooled reflectors if I must. I'm also planning on making 2 DWC systems. Each will hold 15 plants. I'm planning on trimming for double or single colas only and no other branching so I can really pack them in there. I'll be using blue planet nutrients. As far as strains go, I'm unsure if it would be unwise to make it a multi strain grow or not. To my understanding different strains need different nutrient amounts. However I'm not sure how large of a difference they are. I'd love to see all 14 strains in there but I'll probably just pick a strain thats good for sog like OG Kush or something. My goal is 2.5 pounds which is 1GPW (HID only). However I'm going to be trying for 1.5gpw which would be 4 pounds. Figure with all that light, good ventilation, premo nutrients, and dwc, don't have any excuse. This is going to be my master piece grow muhahahaha.
Looking good. Glad things are going as planned!
Everything is looking grand mate. Keep up the work
Hey guys, update time. Plants are now 23 days old and 7 days into flowering. I've decided to official change this to a 10 strain grow.

This grow now features as such:

What strain is it?
Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush
Barneys Farm G13 Haze
Green House Seeds Bubba Kush
Green House Seeds Hawaiian Snow
Humboldt Seed Organisation Chemdawg
Humboldt Seed Organisation Trainwreck
Humboldt Seed Organisation Blue Dream
Reserva Privada Purple Wreck
Reserva Privada OG Kush
World of Seeds Afghan Kush

We are currently flowering and have been for the past 7 days
I vegged for 17 days
This is an indoor soil grow in a 4x2x4 tent
My soil is a peat moss based mix. Took some Foxfarm ocean forest, lots peat moss, some lime something for ph, perlite, and some good old pure dirt. Maybe a few other things, I don't remember any more.
They are in 5 gallon pots
Have a fan cooled 600w HID for lighting (75w/sq ft)
Temperature of the room is generally 85
Watering every two or three days and feeding with Sensi Bloom. Will soon be switching to the organic BPN line.

Some pix of the new set up. The little one is Hawaiian Snow, she has been under T5 lighting thus far.

Looking healthy.
Real healthy looking plants...the plants i ordered popped out of the dirt last room is fixing to fill up...i got 4 DWCs going and a hospital for sick plants...its a low budget hospital...for plants on the survival rate not going to be to great...i hope you like staying got almost as many as i do...but i smoke sativas...i got energy to burn...:thumb:
Here is a little side project I'm doing. Originally they should be harvesting next week however stupid me messed with my lights and some how ended up re-vegging them -_-. Had a lil mold I had to trim off. Moved them to a new spot, not leaning against something, and the ventilation and RH are better. Both are white widow

just keep an eye on it going hermie mate, i dont think 2 days with 18-6 would make that much difference mate, but ive not done it before so not 100% sure, but if its back under 12-12 then it should go back into flower pretty quick, just be careful its not turning hermie
A mod can close this or w/e you guys do.

This grow is now being moved to here 3rd Grow: Outdoor Hempy/Soil Grow - Blue Planet Nutrients - Foxfarm Soil <Current>. Security concerns have made me move outdoors, but outdoors also brings a new realm of expansion! Take a look, going for a new idea for the journal. I think people will find it easier and more enjoyable to read and follow along. It will also feature some other cool things, like outdoor hempy (personally I couldn't find anyone who did it), fully organic, blue planet nutrients, 1 week veg times, and a more rare kind of environment. Starting plants in November to be harvested in January, can it be done? Come watch!

A conclusion for those of you who might be following. G13 died for an unknown reason after a watering session, we tried to save her but only her clones live on. Afghan Kush decided she liked being a female but it just wasn't enough so she chose to grow some nuts to go along with her flowers. OG Kush is looking to be my most promising plant, seems to be strong genetics. About a week ago I took clones of all the strains and they will be moving outdoors with their mothers shortly.

Thank you for your help and support, I hope you join me with my new adventure.


Soooo much weed porn...
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.
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