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First off, I really appreciate those of you who post news articles about cannabis. If I had the time to do so, I would read every single one of them from beginning to end.

But, alas, I do not. Many times I find myself opening a sub-forum in a browser tab and trying to pick the threads that have the most impact on myself and friends/family. Especially where the news threads are concerned, since I try to pay close attention to each one that I read.

Often I find myself hovering my cursor over ones who's titles catch my eye so that I can read the initial few words when they pop up - if it looks "most relevant," I'll CTRL-click it to open it in its own tab. I do that for as many threads as I think (hope) I'll have the time to read and if I still have a few minutes after reading those I'll go back and pick some more.

I don't know if I'm the only one that uses the "hover the cursor over a thread title" thing to get the first statement or so of a thread. I suspect that others do it as well since it's well-known that most if not all web-forums using this software type have the feature.

So, in case I'm not alone in using it... Can you guys PLEASE start adding the city/state at the beginning of the news threads that you post? Many of them already have it - I assume because the original text that was C&P had it like that. But a substantial number do not. I just read through a thread that mentioned several states, two or three cities (one of which exists in at least 18 different states), and a county that exists in more than six states. It wasn't until I reached the end and saw (ME) in the source that I knew for sure that it was about a location in Maine. And that's just one of the threads that I had time to read in its entirety. Had I just hovered my mouse over the thread title, I'd have not even had a guess.

Again, I thank you for posting these articles. And I will continue to appreciate your doing so and to read as many as I can. But it would help a lot... If, for example, the person that posted the one I just read had prefaced it with "Portland, ME - " and then the article itself.

Thank you.
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