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I know I got mites, and am treating it with fruit tree spray durring dark hours once a week, I can't keep ph down even with sulfer to soil and running 5ph in water, use pro mix, but ph always jumps back up to 7.5-8 by the time it dries. Also thought I had nitrogen deficiency so I was told coffee grounds can fix both. Obviously the high ph can cause lock out so growth is slow. I have flushed. Last two watering cycles going once every couple days. Then adding nutes once a weak at tsp per gallon. 1/4 strength. Idk if this fixed the issue cause of slow growth but problem isn't getting worse.

Oh yeah room temp 73-76
Ppm on run off 150
Ph on run off 6.4
Using reverse osmosis water from store jugs
All water gets dumped in buckets with air stone for 24 hrs before use
Strain white widows x shark bite & atomic nl
Nutes maxi grow and maxi bloom
Light 400 hps 400 mh
Distance from "canopy" to plant is 14"
Big fan on em
Lights 18/6
All clones from plants grown in miracle grow, wah wah wahhhhhhh
All replanted to pro mix


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Re: Confussious says I'm f###ed

I use dolomite lime in my grow medium and humic acid. they both neutralize the pH of the medium.

are you checking the pH of everything you water the plant with? the general consensus is to keep that in the 6.2-6.8 range.


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Re: Confussious says I'm f###ed

lime doesn't dissolve in water. best is to work it lightly into the top of your grow medium. you probably don't need more than 1 Tbsp per container.

be sure it's Dolomite Lime. other limes will likely kill your plant. I'm thinking of what we used to call quick lime.

you probably do not want to lower your pH and especially not with coffee grounds.


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I'm in pain looking at those pictures.

two reasons to avoid coffee grounds: first it lowers the pH and second it invites mold.
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