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Confused about color temp


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first time grower here. i've spent a huge amount of time here learning from some of you posters, you guys are great, lots of info, thank you so much. my question deals with what cfl bulbs to buy.

in other threads i've read i need a bulb with 2700-3500 lumens for flowering and 5000-6000 lumens for veg. i'm confused as to what i should be looking for in a bulb though.. should i be looking at the rating for color output or for light output?

this is a bulb i already purchased, 85W, 5440 lumens, 5000K.
27W CFL 5100K

here is another, i'm thinking of picking up a few of these, are these good for vegging? i'm concerned because it's only 1750 lumens each, but the color temp is right, no?
27W CFL 5100K
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