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Confused beginner about crossing and seeds please HELP


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hello i have few questions
1) if i have haze seeds and kush seeds (male and female) can i put them in closet and expect to get any seeds at all?
2) will the seeds be then 50% indica and 50% sativa or they be 100% like mother?
3) friend told me that crossing is not so easy like i typed in question 1 and 2 is it?
4) if i want more indica dominent do i need use indica female and sativa male or otherwise?
5) is it literally so easy make seeds just put male and female together and bam ?

SORRY i was trying search but since i dont know much about things it was hard and i did not find answers very well.
if anyone will answer to questions i be so so so so thankful
(btw i dont have access to ALREADY mixed hybrids) got just kush and haze no other ones here.....(cant order from internet too long story)
i love this forum btw!!
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