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Confused! Full spectrum vs RGB colorful


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Adjustable full spectrum LED

R.G.B. colorful LED

HI , everyone!
Now, I'm considering want to buy new grow light !
I read a lot of information still do not understand

In fact , the two things are the same?

When i found this information at the time of the investigation there are red light with blue light, you can always change color , also this(R.G.B. colorful LED
) is cheaper !!!
200w LED only need 150 USD.
Home general LED (daylight /white /3000K /6500K) also cheaper than Plant Grow LED!
If use the RGB color LED is also suitable for grow?


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Yes u can but this only 2(R+G)or 3(R+G+B) grow light has 7Band(is considered as "Full spectrum") light spectre for better stimulate.

"Home general LED (daylight /white /3000K /6500K) also cheaper than Plant Grow LED!" yeah but the plant can absorb more per watt in special spectre

I plan self too build an LED COB light, but i havent the money for an 7band COB LED cost too much and hard to get in my country.
but i f find the ratio 7Red+3Green+2Blue(the most grow lights with socket use this ratio),i build this with 10w per lamp in further(20 Chips cost maximal 32 Euro).
I Know a plant too stimuale on 7band is even better but for an long time experiment i think its the best chois under the costs aspect.


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Use the most efficient white cobs you can find. Cree CXB or Bridgelux Vero. They acually put out more usable light per watt than the mono chips do by far. Plus plants need a fuller spectrum, not just the peak red and blue points that are always pointed out.

Unless you live on a planet orbiting this sun:
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