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Confused over Anagrams


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To Whom It May Concern,

Being new to this wonderful world of proliferating cannabis I tend to get a little lost with all of the anagrams that are used. Is there a uniform set of expression to make sure we all understand what's being said in conversations in blogs, mainly posts, and new threads. Maybe a glossary could be posted to be able to refer back when reading different things on this really great site. I don't even contemplate looking at any other cannabis sites, this is, "Hands-Down", the best on the net. :circle-of-love: :thanks:

Calyx Hunter

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Do you mean acronyms? I haven't seen any anagrams on here. If you need help with an acronym try using the search engine on the top right of the page. I agree, totally awesome site.

Obi Wan

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While the following link does not address anagrams or acronyms directly it's a nice high level read regarding frequently used terms: Growing Terms

HTH! :50:
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