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Conn. Senate Votes for Pot Decriminalization Bill

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HARTFORD, Conn.–The Connecticut Senate has passed legislation that decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The measure passed Saturday after Democratic Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman broke an 18-to-18 tie vote. It now moves to the House of Representatives for final action.

Proponents said the legislation will help young people arrested for marijuana possession avoid a criminal record that could hurt their chances to find a good job or enter college. Opponents said it sends the wrong message.

Under the bill, possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana would no longer be a misdemeanor. Instead, it would result in a $150 fine for a first offense and a fine ranging from $200 to $500 for subsequent offenses. Those under 21 years old would face a 60-day driver's license suspension.

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Julie Gardener

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Excellent news Jacob. Let's hope this is an inspiration to other states as well. If they can't adopt the MMJ law yet, or complete legalization, they can at least drop the penalties. Some are simply outrageous.


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Why does the other side always fall back on the same bad message tripe? The message that they are sending out is that its okay to keep the same failed policies as long as it secures votes. We can't let outdated biased opinions stand in the way of scientific and social progress.


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:nicethread: Any time I hear decriminalization and pot it always makes me so happy!

Personally I think decriminalization should be the first step when it comes to cannabis. The medical thing seems to be kind of a mess in many places while if every state decriminalized minor possession and personal cultivation the DEA and other federal organizations would eventually have to comply or be pressured into complying, at least it would seem.

Lets all hope the House has as much sense as the Lt. Governor. :tokin:


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The house passed the bill, and Governor Malloy has stated he is ready to sign it into law.

Connecticut has decriminalized possesion of amounts of a half ounce or less. It is no longer an arrestable offense, and a first time offense is ticketable up to $150. :peace:


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:bravo::tokin::bravo: Now if this logical thinking can just start trickling down into all the states...

I'm gonna keep on saying it..Decriminalization is the first step! All you Nutmeggers better be blazin' heavy!! ;)
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