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Connecticut: Fifteen Vie To Open Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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An affiliate of one of the state's four medical marijuana producers is among the 15 applicants competing to open up to three new dispensaries in the state.

Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC in Portland said Tuesday the affiliate - Connecticut Pharmaceutical Research Center LLC - applied to open a medical marijuana dispensary in either New Haven or Milford.

"Our interest in this enterprise has to do with research potential working with patients in the program," Thomas Schultz, president of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions, said. "What we'd really like to do is bring science closer to clinical application."

Schultz said producers are developing products without direct contact with patients, so a dispensary would provide the opportunity to gather research based on the experience of patients, leading to the introduction of more effective products.

Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions' two sites are among 19 proposed as the state seeks to increase the number of dispensaries from six to as many as nine. Three of the applications came with multiple proposed sites.

The new dispensaries are expected to be in New Haven and Fairfield counties, areas targeted in the expansion because they have the greatest number of registered medical marijuana patients and the fewest dispensaries.

After Friday's deadline for submitting applications, the state Department of Consumer Protection, which oversees the medical marijuana program, released the names and business addresses of applicants but not the specific proposed locations of the dispensaries.

"Just as was our practice during the past selection process for dispensary facilities and producers, to protect the integrity and fairness of the process, we will not release any further information until the review is complete," Claudette Carveth, a consumer protection spokeswoman, said.

Schultz also declined to give addresses of his proposed sites.

The six licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are in Hartford, Branford, Bethel, South Windsor, Uncasville and Bristol. Branford is the only dispensary in New Haven County, while Bethel is the only site in Fairfield County.

Also on the list is Angelo DeFazio, who now operates the Hartford dispensary and is seeking to open a second location. DeFazio, who also operates a pharmacy in Hartford, did not return calls seeking comment Tuesday.

Sales of medical marijuana in Connecticut began a year ago, and since then, the number of registered patients has more than tripled.

As of Aug. 27, there were 5,357 registered patients across the state's eight counties. Jonathan Harris, commissioner of the state Department of Consumer Protection, which oversees the medical marijuana program, estimates the number will climb to 6,000 by the end of the year.

Adding the new dispensaries also will help meet anticipated future needs as registration continues to expand, Harris has said. The increased registration would likely be boosted by an expanding number of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana. By next year, the number of conditions approved for treatment with medical marijuana could rise from 11 today to 18 by next year.

The consumer protection department plans to select the new dispensary operators and locations by early next year.

Schultz said there wouldn't be a conflict operating both a producer and a dispensary. Wholesale prices for products would be the same as charged to any other dispensary, and a registered pharmacist would be making treatment decisions.

"What we offer must be the same as other dispensaries," Schultz said. "There can be no exclusive arrangement."

The roster of applicants and their business addresses also include:

David Sullivan, 28 Blueberry Lane, Woodbury

CT Wellness Group LLC, 75 Tupelo Lane, Guilford

Releaf Recovery LLC, 379 Quarry Brook Dr., South Windsor (2 applications)

PalliaTech CT LLC, 19 Morgan Lane, Monroe

Coastal Care LLC, 582 Boston Post Road, Milford

Hancock Wellness Center, LLC, 1295 East Main St., Meriden

Steven Jay Rand, 39 Flag Swamp Road, Roxbury

Southern CT Wellness & Healing LLC, 4 Maryanna Way, Rocky Hill

C-3 Ventures, LLC, 318 New Haven Ave., Milford

Releaf Wellness Center LLC, 41 Crossroads Plaza, West Hartford

Better Healing, LLC, 3 Clover Court, Brookfield

Organic Care LLC, 125 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich (3 applications)

Legendary Wellness Connecticut LLC, 93B Deming Road, Berlin


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