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Connecticut - Medical Marijuana Goes On Sale In State

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It's been a long time waiting for medical marijuana patients in the state. Years after the state legalized marijuana for medical purposes—patients are now able to get their hands on it. Tuesday day will mark the first day of sales for Blue-Point Wellness in Branford.

Yesterday other dispensaries opened across the state. Medical marijuana advocates worked for years to reform laws and now they're finally seeing it all come together. There are four producers in the state and six dispensaries. The dispensaries are located in Hartford, Bristol, South Windsor, Bethel, Uncasville and Branford.

You might recall hearing about a dispensary opening in South Windsor last month–it did but sales were not allowed at that time it was only for consultations. The state reports it has more than 2,300 patients eligible to purchase medical marijuana with New Haven County having the most with 706 patients. And not just anyone can go in and purchase it.

You have to be registered with the state and must be receiving treatment for at least one of 11 chronic illnesses including Parkinson's disease and post traumatic stress disorder. Patients can receive no more than 2.5 ounces in a thirty-day period or 70 grams. The Hartford Courant reports dispensaries expect prices to range from $16 to 20 a gram—which is fairly high but prices should go down once other manufacturers start their shipments.


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