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Consequences of cultivation


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I would appreciate advice on this, in canadian laws.
for personal use per say rather then a means of secondary income. is there a plant limit per sentence?

Neil Rothwell

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0 plants is fine, anything more than that you're in trouble without the proper documents ie; mmj card, at least until the law is changed and no one can grow for personal use or as a caregiver for someone with an mmj card. Technically 1 plant and you are in violation of their laws but, it depends on where you live in Canada and the police you're dealing with

Neil Rothwell

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sorry shmeeze16 I don't know the laws since I don't test them, the last thing I recall in Toronto was a statement/story in the news from the chief of police or a spokesperson that, until the laws are rewritten, minor offences would be dealt with by a warning or fine regarding possession. As for growing, if you qualify you can grow your own or designate a grower for your meds until the gov't tries again to make it illegal for anyone to grow other than those companies approved b the gov't. Google may help find the applicable laws.


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In ontario if you are caught growing more than 6 plants it is automatic jail time anything less than that will prob be a court appearance


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Its dumb... theyre busting all the ops in my area.... they have the army in doing it....

Which province? You shouldn't give too many details but would be interested in how close to home this is happening. I haven't heard anything in the East as of late.
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