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Container size for flowering, is it worth going bigger?


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I did some searching and I can't find a decent answer, but I'm trying to figure out if I should bump up my pot size before I get to far into flower.

What would you do is basically what I'm asking. My plants have been vegged between 2.5 and 3 months or so, they are all a little differently aged but they are all pretty close in size, there is roughly a month in between them. So I threw 5 plants into flower as of yesterday afternoon around 2pm having them come back on the same time today giving them 24 hours of darkness and getting them and my veg room sharing as much dark time together to keep the risk of light leaks to a minimum. They are in 3 gallon planting containers, I am really tempted to bump them up to 5 gallons or bigger but I'm not sure the risks are worth the reward.

Is the risk of stressing them by changing the pots and the amount of energy they are going to spend on getting the container filled out, is it worth it? Or are 3 gallon pots enough at this stage? I really don't know but I am more concerned with preventing hermies but I would also like to yield a little more. Also, this is my first grow so take that into account.


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if they dont have anymore room to grow more roots with a big plant in a 3 gallon bucket . i have had problems with root bound in them . what i would do is get the five gallon put some clean crushed rocked at the bottom to allow better aeration or alot small holes like 3/8 in dia all around the bottom part of the bucket. suphication on plants look weird and are very hard to diagnose


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I would say no, for a couple reasons. It could very easily stress the plant if done incorrectly. I have transplanted plants that have vegged in small containers for far too long into bigger containers and they always seem to be very sluggish in taking advantage of their new home, and some never seem too if they already became too root bound. The main reason I wouldn't though is that the amount of time delayed by the transplant already in the flowering cycle, and the amount of energy that the plant would use to create new root growth that would be taking away from energy used to produce nice fat buds. Just my two cents.


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Wuddup peeps.. I would say yes it is worth going bigger. I look at it this way, when in flowering the plant will just about double in size (above and below soil). So i jus put them into bigger pots when i put em into flower so i dont have to repot em when they have buds/crystals forming and they might be to big to mess around with. I like to gradually step the pot size up when in veg then go BIG when in flower jus so the risk of me messing up the Plant when transplanting is at a bear minimum. (2 cents added lol).

Peace potnas:peace:


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as far as yield goes, the more roots the plant has, the more bud it will produce. I've seen this first hand, bigger containers always yield fatter buds, and when in soil, a bigger pot allows for a more balanced medium, so you see less deficiencies with your plants
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