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So I've been lurking around long enough. I've recently had to break down my space and move outside. I've been running a perpetual style grow that had no rhyme or reason. Started in dirt about two years ago, that's about when I started researching. Bad idea, to everybody starting out, know what you want first.
My flower room is a 4x8 tent running two 600w HPS. My veg room is 10-12 sq.feet running about 300w of cfl and tubes. Since I started I have done a couple runs in 18 gal bubble buckets, two plants each. Growth and yield were great but I fought temps the whole time. I have grown mainly coco, I fell in love with the Hempy style and when I set back up I will be using this method.
I have built a 4 bucket rdwc system that I am rather proud of but until I can get a chiller that will stay in the closet.
So here is how I will start out(again)
I have an endless supply of seeds, I know it sound crazy but I found what I believe to be AK-47 that I fell in love with. My tent is covered in duct tape but I leave light coming in one bottom corner. My ak will Hermie and I usually let one, then take the seeds from the others. I germed 8 seeds 20 hrs ago and they have all popped already. My method is wet paper towel, sealed sandwich bag, onto the cable box. I always have good luck but I've never seen a root in all of them this fast. I also have one tiny sour diesel outside I can take some clones from.
As of now I have a few very lucky girls that made the cut when I broke down.
I have two aks in 5 gal coco Hempys, three more in 3 gal pots,and my little diesel. The diesel was a clone from a friend as was the original seed from the AK so I can't get into too much detail about genetics. I can talk different phenos.
I forgot to mention everything is in coco, and outside. I live in the burbs so all picks the girls will be in their camouflage.
I have always pH to 5.5-.8 but not for the next few months, its whatever comes out of the hose. Think its 6. something
Right now I have them top dressed with some FF happy frog dry tomato/veggie food,ancient foreat and some bat dookie. I'm hoping they will do OK with this for a little while, a great member around here is helping me out with a recipe that should get me through until fall.
That's it for now gonna try to figure this whole thing out. I'm definitely a derp when it comes to technology. I'm doing all of this on my 5 year olds tablet


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And this one is a little experiment for a possible guerrilla next year. If you look real close you can see a black 5gal bucket its about 25 ft. up. There is one more up higher that I can't see from the ground. I guess that's three hempys isn't it. That one was about 4 feet from the top of its bucket when it went up there. It had been in flower for about three weeks and I believe it was done with her stretch.

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Subscribed. Producing seed by light exposure may also reproduce a hermaphrodite gene in the made seeds. If you are interested in creating feminized seeds you may find my KingJohnC's 400 Watt LA Confidential Seed Cabinet Soil Indoor Grow Journal very interesting.


When I germinate seeds I use a matchbox lined with about 320 sandpaper to shake the seeds in for a minute, it scrapes the sides of the seeds to aid in moisture penetrating the seeds shell.



After having germination issue with Jiffy peat moss pucks and soil I switched to Rapid Rooters and have had much higher germination rates. Rapid Rooters seem to provide the seed with the perfect amount of air and moisture. I soak my seeds in pH adjusted water for 30-36 hours or until i see tap roots. I cut the Rapid Rooter mat into individual squares then I soak the Rapid Rooter squares in pH adjusted water for 15 minutes before use. Then I place the seeds tap root down into the Rapid Rooter square then place them underneath a light with 18/6 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. I do not use a humidity dome. I hand water with a syringe each day to keep the Rapid Rooter square moist. when I see roots emerge from the Rapid Rooter square I transplant to 5" pots in a mixture of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and mycorrhizae.

http://generalhydroponics.com Rapid Rooter

http://www.perfectgardens.com gh rapid rooter mat 98


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King, thank you for stopping by!! I love growing from seed I have actually always had very good luck germinating. I was following a grow you did with someone else Jon something maybe. I love how you experiment with different methods, people like you will bring this to the next level. If I ever break down and buy seeds again, I have people close to me that I trade with, I will definitely try your way. So the sandpaper let's water in quicker or more evenly? Mine all have about a 1/4 in. Taproot showing now I will put them in pHed coco/perlite mix (70/30) tomorrow under my 100w 4 bulb fluorescent. Gotta keep it on the DL for a while because my mother-in-law/landlord will be here mid august and probably wouldn't be cool. The other 51 weeks a year she lives on a boat in Mexico so not much to worry about after that.
Ionize, love the name, I move them around every day. This whole outdoor thing is new to me. I tried finding a good off site location but this is how it ended up. If the smell gets too bad I can bring them to my folks


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First off I want to thank everyone who came by! The people around here are so great. I've never been big on the whole internet thing. No my space or Facebook or whatever else there is. I have learned so Much from this site I figured I had to be a part of it. OK so for the picks. Like I said I'm an idiot when it comes to computer so I'll explain them all now, I think you'll figure out what I'm talking about

So I named this one Lillie for obvious reasons. I've never named a plant before but I think she deserves it.

The first is a side o rarely see of her because its from the side yard/butthole of my yard. I went out front to bitch at the landscapers across the road to stop screaming f-bombs while my kids right there. They obliged. And as I came around the corner she looked beautiful so I had to take a picture. Her top is closest to you I'm pulling her down to hide behind the lillies. She was FIMmed once at a very young age, I doubt she even remembers.

The second is a little start of a top. Its at about her waist. Before they came outside she was in 12/12 for about 2 weeks, not even flowering yet. She has been outside for about three weeks now. She is getting some nice crystals already. I'm glad she didn't re-veg. Right now we're getting 15-16 hrs of actually daylight, I was concerned about that so I guess I got lucky. I have never grow her outside before but I have given people seeds that have and it was nothing like my indoors but a lot of that is time and $$ as we all know.

The last one is a leaf that still has some mites on it from the basement. I hit them with a healthy dose of some home brewed rosemary,neem and cayanne powder concoction before they came out. The cayanne is just to make it painful.

Does anybody know of something I can put close to them that might draw them off? I like the idea of killing them but not smoking them.

I have some beans to tend to I'll get that up later


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So here are the seeds that will eventually be my new start in the dungeon. Eight out of 8 popped in the first 18-20 hrs, then when I just went back 36 hrs after hitting the cable box there was 9 taproots looking at me. I guess I had twins.

Two had already shed there exo and I was looking at their leaves.

I put them in a 50/50 washed/new coco with mycos and a sprinkle of bat turds. They will stay in my sunroom for a while until I get tuned up downstairs.

Last wash was pHed to 5.8


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I forgot to mention the babies will be fed strictly distilled water for a while.
Even though I washed the coco I think it will still contain some salts making it on the hot side.
This is the first time I have used used ??? Coco for seedlings.

I am going to add blood and bone meal to the rest of the mix, give it a month and transplant into that

And azomite, a great member turned me onto it so I just have to get some.
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So this is my dungeon. I explained everything in the first post but here are some pics.

The electrical is kinda sketchy. One 20a breaker runs everything, two 600s,2 flouros and a bunch of fans. I use a carbon filter which you can't see above the light on the right.

I pull fresh air from outsidw through a filter on the left. It is actually all up in Lillie's shit right now

During the winter I use heat from the lights to heat the veg room.

I haven't figured out summer yet. A.C. in the basement is out of the question


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So I'm horney to get going downstairs so I'm gonna take some clones from my little diesel.
I've never cloned an outdoor plant and her stem was very woody, ha ha...I said woody, we'll see how it works.
I've always had good luck cloning this,much better than the other strain I'm growing.
So here are my tools

Rockwool was pHed to 5.6 I start at the bottom and work my way up
Then I cut the stem on an angle right at a node and split up the stem for about a 1/4 inch
all full 12 total the other six are in coco I've never done this but that is where they'll end up so I figured I'd try
Raped and pillaged!!

Now I'll leave them outside for the day in filtered light.
I'll put them under my T-5 tonight in my sunroom. I don't want any bugs in the dungeon and I know there's still some kicking around
They will make a slow transition having two stops on their way downstairs.

I usually will do this to all of my plants a couple weeks into flower.
I take about the bottom 1/3 off, this was a little early but I don't want to stress her again.

She came out for this reason alone. I have been doing her in bubble buckets for about a year but this is the only one I didn't merc when I nuked the dungeon. I'll be lucky to get 10 gZ off of her.

She does fill out nicely

Edit...check out the army man bowl my wife made me in the first pic
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I also want to get into a little more detail about my AK seeds.
For anybody wanting to do it the right way check out KingJohns LA confidential seed journal, his link is a couple of postings back.
How I do it is let a tiny bit of light in, like two or three pinholes in the bottom corner, the plant in that corner will go Hermie on the bottom few branches.
I have not had aroblem with the other plants going Hermie but they will all have a few feminized seeds.
I do not use the seeds from the plant that went herm.
I probably get about a hundred seeds per 1/2 lb. which is my average every few months.

I would love to try you're way once I have more strains going, I have a place off site I was going to grow some males, do you think its possible to germinate the plant getting the silver treatment with another plant?
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