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Hi guys long time reader only joined today. It has crossed my mind before and I have searched for the answer to no avail.Basically a friend of mine grows and I wanted to know whether I can use his plant trimmings to cook with.
I plan on using an oil extraction method and then using the extract in cooking baked goods for myself and a few freinds.
Firstly how low is the thc content in what would be classified the trimmings?(the plants it's coming from would be medium standard)
a lot of recipes call for between 4- 10 grams of med-high quality plants in your recipe of say brownies(16 servings), is it possible to increse the amount of plant given that the quality of thc may be less in the trimmings?(sorry if this seems like a silly question)
is it really worth it to cook and extract with trimmings is what im really at here.Im very much looking forward to trying these methods out and baking up some delicious sthuff
I welcome and appreciate any comments or feedabck.


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@big momma :

Thanks a million for the response. Its much appreciated but doesn't really answer my question fully.
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