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Cooks Organic Soil - Slightly Altered - Need Feedback


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This is my second batch of soil and i have a bit less of a few items but some other items to add and I was wondering if I could get away with the following:

20 gallons perlite
20 gallons peat moss
10 gallons EWC
10 gallons Mushroom Compost

4 cups of each:
- neem
- kelp, crab and alfalfa meal

6 cups of Dolomite Lime
21 cups Rock Dust Mix:
(Rock Blend Basalt, Carbonatite, Oyster, Soft Rock & Woolastonite)

*** I should have 32 cups of rock dust but only have 21 cups... however Cooks doesn't call for dolomite lime due to oyster shell which i have in my Rock dust ... also i am adding in 6 cups of dolomite lime so I was wondering if this blend would be okay?

Thx Everyone
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