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Everythings looking good COo Gratz on the harvest :thumb:
tasty looking little nug there

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Hey everybody, I'm back... For 15 hrs then I'm off to no mans land, lol.

I have lots of pics to upload.

Update: came home 10 days later and 2 of my plants were dead. A ripe bubblegum and a 30some day flowering bubba kush. The kush is a near total waste, will run hash with it but its premature and that sucks it died. I didn't schedule frequent enough watering visits while gone. The bubblegum smells great and I intended to chop it tonight anyway, it's half dry already.

Also chopped my SLH plant... And it's sick, biggest yielder I've grown to date I'm sure. (Most of mine have been 1-1.5 oz plants)
She produced resin like no other. Ruff trim tonight and its hanging for a week.

Another cool note is I had an ounce of bubblegum buds that I left in my car in a jar with a B62 in airport parking. I jarred and left the buds a little moister than I should have, a day more of drying would have been ideal before jarring. But I didn't really have the option so I threw in the Boveda and crossed my fingers.... And... That shit works!

I came home to some super delicious bubblegum joints. Its amazing now, cant wait to see if it gets better with an extended cure. The smell is rocking and the taste as well. Buzz is really nice and present but not blow u away stoney, which is cool.


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Pictures are good.

Bubblegum that cured up nicely at the airport


The latest bubblegum


The super lemon haze
This sucker turned out really nice this time nice fade and a shit ton of resin. And maybe one of the craziest lemon dank smells, this is a winner in my book. Plump colas. ;)



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Back home and had plenty of nice buds to trim.

For the summer, I will be running my set up at 1/4 power.
And I will be doing less plants in bigger pots.
It is a pain in the ass getting people to water for me.
I got 3 big jars of SLH and one big jar of BG and 2 plants in flower, 2 in veg. I'm gonna be doing updates less often. When it's warm I'm always out and about.

Happy growing all, and give TLO buds a try if u have an opportunity to do so. Properly done, it's the best smoke around!


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Nice produce, CO! It's good to have multiple jars onhand. :thumb:



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Thanks guys!
This forum has been a great resource in my journey


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nice plants and Harvest COo.
i hope i'm able to show goodies like yours when i harvest my plants within 3 weeks...
congrats COo.


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Today is pretty cool, experiencing the full circle of ganja farming.
Took clones, transplanted, started a batch of tea, amended soil for recycling, final trimmed a few buds, and running a little bubblehash.
I thought I should post a couple pics of the dirt, since that's what it's all about.



My window is wide open, gotta love the peaceful feeling of legal cultivation!

Is it too early to try the hash?, lol



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The goodies from the 73micron bag. I can't wait till its ready. Haven't had bubble in a bit.

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Very nice candy you screened out. Just stopping by checking out how things are going for you. Our out side weather freaking blows today lol. Keep it green.


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Thanks for swinging by guys, and for the kind words


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I threw a pretty beast sized BG in a 10 gal into flower this morn. No pics. Needed to log here so I can keep track of dates. 63 days from today.

Keep it green, amigos


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Flower room update on a lazy Sunday morn:

I have three plants in flower at a time for the summer and only running 1 600w HPS@50% power. (Attic heat issues and money conservation)


Here is the whole room shot.

1 bubblegum is a week or so out

1 bubblegum (in a ten gal) just went into the flower room, she should be nice and big at finish time.

And lastly the critical kush, which looks like it will live up to the "big yielder" rep
Check out the massive top forming! This plant received very little in the way of training. Nice Christmas tree shape on her own.

And she is also in a 10 gal.

I will be doing all flowering plants in 10 gal for the future as they require waterings way less frequently and allow for more roots to grow. More root, more...well u know..lol

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