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Coos County crack down on Medical Cannabis Compassion Centers


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In Coos County the Sheriff contacted all of the 12 open Compassion Centers and sent letters to their landlords. They threatened the centers with arrest and seizure and to the landlords, confiscation of their properties should any of their renters be caught doing anything illegal. Understandably all but one of the centers were closed down by the landlords evicting there renters for fear of loosing their property. That was so wrong of Coos Sheriff to do. Really a low blow to people who were acting responsibly and legally. Can't really blame the landlords. Being threatened of loosing their property would scare anyone into evicting these good people. I'm an old man now, but it worries me that we are further away from accepting marijuanna for the gift that it is than we were when I was 18, sitting around talking to the band about how pot would be legal in 10 years! That was over 40 years ago. :( :peace::thanks:
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