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Cops served with Marijuana in Burger


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First of all, "one of the officers said it tasted like marijuana". Hmmm, how would you know what the evil weed tastes like, unless of course, you have tasted it before. Hmmmm... :hmmmm:.

Second, "they began acting strange". It's going to take alot more than a little bit of shake to have any effect on a 200lb.+ person. Espescially if said person has obviously eaten the evil weed before. These "effects" can be chocked up to being purely psychosematic after realizing what they had eaten. Wonder what they did at the hospital for them, give them some water? Quick what is the antedote for marijuana poisoning!? :laugh2:

I agree however that no one should be fooled into eating marijuana or any other substance that they do not want to put into there bodies, whether that person is a police officer or not.

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Hold the pickles,
Hold the lettuce,
Marijuana don't upset us,
Have it your way,
@ Burger King!


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First off they went to the hospital? That makes sence. . . second off that what I call a fully loaded burger.

But seriously you should never give some one laced food without their knowing, its not cool.
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