Corinne420’s Confusing Northern Lights Soil Grow


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Good morning all you beautiful people out there. I hope you woke up with a smile on your face and a joint in hand.

I want to start off by saying I’m journaling about a grow that has already been harvested. We did things wrong on our end and not knowing what the heck was going on with these plants we found it a confusing grow. I wanted to post about our experience in hopes of if anyone else comes across any confusion regarding the issues we had and hopefully people learning from our mistakes maybe this journal might help.

So on with the star of the show, Northern Lights. We acquired a couple bag seeds from some Northern Lights. We decided to grow them of course. We started the seeds in some dampened paper towel on a plate and stuck em up on our fridge. This was in May. Once they grew about an inch of root we transferred them over to soil and clear plastic cups. We have a small CFL (compact fluorescent light) setup. Good for getting them going. I didn’t get any pictures at this stage but I will add a picture of the light so you get an idea of what I’m talking about.


So mistake number 1, we got lazy simple as that. We left them under that lighting system too long. They went into light stress and started producing pistils. At first we thought we had autos on our hands, we were wrong. They had grown to over a foot tall by now. We transferred them over to 5 gallon buckets and brought them into our grow room. We had a couple other plants vegging out in our hydro setup so the Northern Lights joined them. Since we thought they were autos I read that they don’t require 12/12 on off for their lights so we thought they’d do fine in there with them. Here are a few shots of what they looked like. Pics were taken July 22nd

More to come I just need a break lol


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Good morning once again my lovely 420 family.
So we left off with a few pistil shots from July 22nd, were gonna jump not too far ahead to August 6th. I was starting to get concerned about the plants. They were certainly growing but they weren’t really forming anything that looked like buds, just these pistil clusters. So I decided to make a post on here asking for any advice that anyone might have. I’m gonna post a link to that thread if anyone wants to check it out feel free. I’ll be adding the some pictures below as well

We got lots of great feedback from the post so we took some advice and utilized it. As I’ve run out of room for attachments I’m going to start a new post. Next part is a whole new chapter anyways


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Some things we took from the post looking for help was we needed bigger buckets. They were in 5 gallons and we upped it to 18 gallons. A very knowledgeable person commented that they thought our plants were light deprived stressed and not autos and that’s why they went into early flowering and because we never put the light time to 12/12 the plant was fighting the process. (Mistake number two) So in the middle of changing things around we noticed bananas on one of the plants. We’ve never had a hermie before. Another thing that can happen to a stressed out plant, they can turn hermaprodite to self pollinate. So worrying about the other plants we had going in our hydro system we decided to bring them outside. It was still high summer and warm. The plant we found the bananas on we ended up giving it to a friend of ours. They weren’t growing anything so they wanted to have it. We searched and searched the remaining plant and couldn’t find any bananas (can you feel the foreshadowing lol) Now we’re going to jump ahead to September 26th. We’re down to the one plant which I’ve named Ursula because of all her tentacle like branches. She’s been outside for over a month now and has started to develop buds :yahoo: Here are a few pics


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Now we’ve hit October 6th. The weather changed quickly here and was pretty chilly by this time. We had already put the other plants to flower and Ursula just wasn’t ready to be harvested so we brought her inside to join the others. Here are a few pics of Ursula at this stage


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Good morning all you beautiful people out there. I hope today is a wonderful one for you all.
Before I get started I totally forgot to mention the nutrients we’ve been using. Oh another mistake we made. Not starting the nutrients when we should of. Like I said we were lazy on this grow and all the issues we’ve gone through all boils down to our laziness. Anyways we buy the super charged kit by Remo Nutrients. The kit is fool proof. Has every nutrient you would need. It comes with a measuring cup for easy measuring and pouring. The nutrient bottles themself has a week by week guide on how much nutrients to add and when to stop them. Some you stop using before others some are just for veg and flower. Majority of them you use at both stages though. Love love love Remo.
We left off on October 6th and now we’re at October 23rd. The day started off like any other, if only I knew the horror that was waiting for us.
In the last few weeks Ursula has grown into a beautiful plant. Her branches were getting so heavy we had to buy some bamboo sticks to give her some support. It was around supper time and I had just returned home from work. I always like to check on the girls whenever I get home to see how they’re doing. I took some pictures, took a few selfies with Ursula lol. Then I liked to check her over. Bananas were always at the back of my mind, especially since she was rooming with other flowering plants. Cue in the ominous music. Bananas, I found bananas. There weren’t many but some had opened up. My heart dropped because I knew Ursula had the chance to spread her pollen throughout the room. We harvested her that night. I will be making another journal discussing our hydro grow and following up on the aftermath of this situation as well. So we let her dry. We got a nice amount of buds off of her. They weren’t as tight as I would of liked. She gave a nice mild high, definitely not as strong as I would have liked though. Again everything we did effected her turnout. I’m sure if we put as much effort into this grow as we did our hydro grow she wouldn’t of gotten light deprived which in the end made them turn hermie and suffer from the stress. Here are Ursula’s last pictures.

Well this concludes my journal. I hope maybe someone learns from our mistakes. I know we have.

John Wick

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Thank you posting this journal, it will help lot's of good folk's. :green_heart:


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Thank you posting this journal, it will help lot's of good folk's. :green_heart:
You’re welcome and thank you for engaging in it. This grow was definitely a learning experience.
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