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Cost of running cfl vs hps lights?


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At the moment I run a 600w hps was thinking of getting a 300w t5 light. Does this mean I would cut my electric bill in half? or does a 300w clf light mean it give 300w of light but only use's 50w to power it?


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a 300w T5 uses 300w but outputs far less lumens,good for clones,seedlings and vegetive growth but pretty pityful in the flowering department :)


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I would not say pitiful, a friend of mine who has been growing for 30 years gets a pound of one plant using T-8 and T-12 bulbs. He is currently upgrading to T-5's and expects to increase yield by 10-15%.






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Hi thanks for the replies loving the photo's. so why does it say on some boxes that come with bulbs a 100watt light and 11 watts energy? just thought a 300w light bulb mite only use 100watt of energy


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I had 600w of CFLs, and upgraded to 600w HPS within 9 days as the CFLs just didn't compare watt for watt with HPS - 300w bulb is approx 15,000 lumens, 600w HPS is approximately 90,000 lumens - stick with what you have :Namaste:
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