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I understand there is numerous web sites tha list medical marijuana lawyers that will take your $5000 retainer fee and claim 2 go 2 bat for you (and in a perfect world you could hand someone $5000 dollars on a simple word, handshake, or whatever) but having dealt with "the system" personally, and hearing other peoples misfortunes of piss poor lawyers it is obvious to me that I will need some help in selecting a reputable medical marijuana lawyer. I am in sacramento ca but willing to go to the bay area SF(as I understand that is where most lawyers/firms have offices, and do business) mostly what im looking for is some help from my fellow knowledgable growers who have been down this road and can point me in the right direction, or perhaps tell me what not 2 do. There are alot of gray areas so I need a lawyer who can answer any and all questions as the gray areas is what gets you detained. I take my freedom seriously so I want 2 bridge all the gaps.

thank you all for your opinions :smokin:


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We have a few in Washington that do pro bobo work and are specialists in MJ cases. There should be some on Cali somewhere.


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As I was Busted and have had extensive dealings with Atty's from several states my advice would be to sit and talk with prospective applicants whose histories at Court speak to their abilities. In other words a lawyer with a good track record is a fine place to start but there may be Trial Attorneys who are better qualified but you must sit and speak plainly about what you are looking for. A quality attorney will take the time for free consultation provided you are serious and not just gathering info from their hard work without compensating them. So the str8 dope is talk with at least several high profile Trial Attorneys not just MMJ Atty's and go with who you feel most at ease with. All info is protected as confidential in an Atty/Client relationship.
Good Luck and Keep us Posted.
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