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Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
So I find a lot of sativas esp outdoor will drop the massive leaves in the mid summer. I don't take them off but the abundant sunshine provides more than enough sun. Then the new growth is usually all thin and razor like. They don't skip a beat. I've had issues before and if I'd defoliated my plants would have died from leaf drop. They will tell you what they want to do.

I got started growing Sativa always thought cannabis lost leaves mid-way thru. Then noticed thats not the case with Indica as much.

I grow them side by side. The Sativa "leaves" a lot of mess pretty much the whole grow, even after chop I'm still sweeping up dried dead leaves.

Also I notice the size of the stalks on the Sativa plants are HUGE in comparo.

Not complaining.

So now if my leaves are NOT dropping I get worried.

I always clean up the low down laf on my ladies gear.

They thank me later.

The Sativa always grow more. Thats where the s33ds are. lol


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Moved in.... we have had a busy last 10 days.


Brought a few clones with me.

Time to get the flower room built.
There's only a few things like getting everything moved. Always forces one to shed a few things through donation and dump. At least that's been my experience.

I bet that flower room won't be long. Good job Bob!

Van Stank

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Congrats on getting moved brother. I will be sending house warming gifts in a week or two!


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Happy Thanksgiving Bob and Mrs Bob!


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Still here - did a final run back to Philly. Now the fun starts. Waiting to set up flower room pending possible home inspection for insurance.

I told them no dice on the interior home inspection. If they cant deal with it I've already got another policy ffs.

I'll be back with pics of my next run here shortly.

Time to get popping.


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Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Ready, set go. I didn't know insurance folks were so snoppy... :(
Yeah me either. I already have homeowners insurance and wanted to get a cheaper rate for car which I did and they offered me homeowners too at like $100 cheaper than what I got already. Current insurance only did an exterior inspection with a pass. So if the new ins wants to go inside - I already told them no go.

These inspections always cost money - when they say "free", don't believe it.

Last one we had on our cottage told us we needed to install rain gutters so we dont get the basement flooded (that they wouldn't cover anyways) for a cottage that is built on stone pilings with no basement.

My sister actually picked the insurance inspector up in a boat and drove her out to the cottage. I wasn't there or I'd have said, we dont have a boat so we are here when you get here. For $70 round trip boat ride they prolly would have gone to someone else's home I'm betting.

Yeah rain gutters lol I had to laugh at that one. Gutters probably get ripped off the first winter season from the snow/ice build up.

Van Stank

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Waiting on the Slurricane clone to root. Should be this week. Be on the lookout for a xmas card soon!


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Good to hear ya fixing to fire up the room.. Take it your all settled in?


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Fired up as of last night.

Tales are wagging in water now so time to get them into soil.

Before flower room

After flower room setup

soil porn - decided the soil microbes needed a run around the box - I got plants ready.

Dots from Dispensary - medicinal use only - they good not sweet either no sugar.

Blast me off and get a GREAT nights sleep.


Yesterday in the apple orchard. Her mom is 2x that size.

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