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Grow Journal of the Month: July 2017
Hey bob

Just wanted to stop in and wish you a safe and merry Christmas to you and your family . Thank you as well for everything you've done over the years for me . Your a good man never think differently.

Hope your well buddy.


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Fired up as of last night.

Tales are wagging in water now so time to get them into soil.

Before flower room

After flower room setup

soil porn - decided the soil microbes needed a run around the box - I got plants ready.

Dots from Dispensary - medicinal use only - they good not sweet either no sugar.

Blast me off and get a GREAT nights sleep.


Yesterday in the apple orchard. Her mom is 2x that size.

Hey bob hoping ur having a great holiday and an even better new year. So jus wanted to stop by an get caught up an wish u a merry xmas n new year. Nice job on tht ihg black cherry pie i jus got gifted some new beans from a friend on here an he gave me 2 ihg black cherry punch and 2 laniakea pheno #3 from govermensch i think its spelled lol plus a few others but those are the ones im most excited to run lol. This is the list lol i figured it was easier to jus click an paste versus re writing it all lol.
IHG......Black Cherry Punch.................2
Gov......Laniakea (pheno#3)................2
The Cali Connection....Blue Dream Haze.......2
ACE......Kali China.................................2
MMS.....Star Pupil................................2
Barney's Farm.........Tangerine Dream.....2
Dutch Passion....Bubba Island Kush..........2

An that flower room tent looks tits brother i so wana get a gorilla tent. Or atleast a better one then the one i got. I need a new flower tent cause the one i got now has a few slight light leakes. But hopefully b4 my next batch of girls hit flower ill be able 2 get a new1 lol. But yea now off to get caught up.


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Yah was time for a new tent. I never knew how dirty the one I was using last was until I had to tear it down. I literally tore it down as in cutting it up into pieces.

I wanted to just light up a room and put plants in there with no tent but after seeing all the scum in the old tent I'm gonna keep with the grow tents. I got the new one for cheap like $175 for a 5x10 and I'm gonna get another 5x5 here shortly and I have another 4x4.

I'll be setting up my seedling station this weekend.. just in time.

Blaze you have some nice gear on that list. I've herd good things about the Star Pupil. You should like the BCP too. It really does taste like cherries which kinda threw me off a little bit. I never expected weed to taste like that.

So I popped a few Garlic Sherbert I got as free-beez from IHG. Supposed to have a garlic after taste. I'm not sure I'm gonna like it but it is what it is and more importantly they were free. lol


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It really does taste like cherries which kinda threw me off a little bit. I never expected weed to taste like that.
This just jumped not only onto my wish list, but then it cut all the way up to the front of the line. Where can I order this from? Also, what does IHG stand for?


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This just jumped not only onto my wish list, but then it cut all the way up to the front of the line. Where can I order this from? Also, what does IHG stand for?
Was gifted two seeds of black cherry punch from @DrDoob after trying his produce for myself while in San Diego with @SweetSue. Never tasted any weed like it myself either it was TOP SHELF GRADE A. Also have a star pupil and goji pupil in flower and the star pupil is already turning purple after two weeks which is crazy! Really looking forward to seeing that garlic sherbert and black cherry pie grown out as well!


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
IHG = In House Genetics as Doc pointed out. I've been growing several of their strains over the last few years and everything is top shelf.

I get my gear from a few places and usually go with a sale and/or best free-beez I can find.

Last order I got from Neptune. They have the best selection but the gear ain't cheap. I usually pop a pack and keep a hold of cuts from the best plant then run the crap of out it. Jellium was a good one.

I was reading up on soil mycelium because someone @beez0404 asked a question about them in his grow journal. Always an interesting topic to read up on for farmers and gardeners.

Here's a little tidbit I read today I thought was interesting:

"Plants secrete large amounts of specific carbon compounds into the soil to be used by the microbes as a food and energy source and to enhance and improve soil structure. By encouraging certain microbial species to grow, the microbes in return supply nutrients to the plant roots and encourage the microbes to protect the plant from pathogenic microbes. Plants feed, raise and encourage certain microbes just like farmers raise and feed plants and livestock for food and fiber. "

here's the article:

Role of Soil Fungus


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That's good reading Bob. I read something similar, except it lead me to believe that the plant can actually tell the microbes how much of which elemental ions is wanted. I know this also happens on an electric/magnetic level whereby if an anion is given to the roots, and anion must also be returned, and the same law applies to cation/cation. Each are in the form of hydrogen and is how the roots/nutrient uptake influences the soil ph. It's such an amazing read that I hope to find me a good documentary, or video presentation on the topic.

I was checking out Neptune last night as it's a name I recognize from my years. I'm glad to know that you ordered there and obviously got your order. I'll make peace with the stiff costs if the genetics reward me on the other end. I got my eye on that BCP as well as a few other breeders that Neptune carries. I wish Thug Pug had more than 2 strains on Neptune. Hey, is the BCP, is that Black Cherry Pie or Punch?


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
BCP = both

The BCP that is popular in the Black Cherry Punch - that's the one I tried that tastes like cherries and it's not subtle. It really tastes like cherries. Weed aint bad either. lol

I am trying out the Black Cherry Pie Bx cause it was a free-bee and I didn't you know want them to fall into my seed vault and never be seen again so I popped them.

Black Cherry Punch - Black Cherry Pie x Purple Punch

Black Cherry Pie Bx - Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie. Bx I suppose means back crossed.

I think since the Bx are free-beez they are working the line some more?? I dunno about it but heck for free they go in the soil.


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I found a nice short vid, it's 11 seconds too short, but oh well.

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