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Cottage420's Pepetual Grow - 2nd Grow in Progress Organic Soil Indoor


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Wowww ur guna have to were shade wen the doors closed with thag ammount of light :) be fairly intense i bet. Glad u got a bargain. I cant ever seem to find decent led's at good prices anywere inckuding ebay without waiting 500000 days delivery from hong kong lol


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Pics from day 24 after the flip.. finally got some flowers to write home about! Been feeding with organic compost tea bubbled for 36-48 hrs. Been watering ONLY with the compost tea. Every other tea I add in Earth Juice ORGANIC flower and Meta-k and Micro Blast - these are the "original" EJ organic mix not to be confused with the newer lines they carry like High Brix etc - Look at ingredient labels - the original has all organic ingredients, the other lines are salts and other "additives" that I feel are not organic but that is my personal opinion.

At any rate my tea brew recipe:

2 tbl of Buffalo Loam (organic)
bubble for 8hrs
1 cup organic compost
2 cups EWC
bubble for at least a 24 more hours with 2 air stones and air pump on max

Foam will form within 3-4 hrs of bubble, bubble for about 40hrs total and then I mix well and water all the girls until I get some run off but not too much.

I've recently purchased some LED lighting off epay for a song - same lights as one of the sponsors here on 420mag. You can see in a few of the pics that I have the LED lighting up the sides of the plants.

I'm building a grow room so those LEDs will be going in there with the 600w HPS so this setup in the tent is temporary. I'm tiling the floor of the grow room right now so it wont be long....

This pic it the top of the big girl in the back of the tent - this is eye level I'm 5'10"

Main cola of the big girl in the front of the tent - basically really only 2 plants fit in this 4x4 tent - yikes

view from the top - flowers starting to form there was a frost warning the day these showed up! for real

more frosty nugs starting out...

Eye level shot - I'm 5'10" - I think they are done stretching

Another main cola shot



Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
More pics - this is my organic tea brewing station!!

some of the ingredients going into the tea EWC & home made compost

Here's my new 700w LED sitting on a chair lighting up the lower parts areas of the tent and the 2nd pic is the 900w LED - these lights are the real deal - they are very well made and are pretty heavy from the heat sinks inside - they probably weigh like 25-30#s each. Cant wait to hang them proper like in the new grow room.



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Isn't that a tad close for a 700? I've heard a couple people mention crispy tips and blanching from an LED being so close. Isn't the working distance on those half a meter/18 inches or more?
I would try and keep it at least 12 inches away myself.

Cottagge seems to be doing things right though, the plants are looking killer.


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Ok day 29 of flower -
Sorry no pics today (forgot my phone) I will post some tomorrow. What I did this week was let the girls get thirsty and today I pulled out all the ladies and did a mild defoliation on the big girls - cut all the chaff off the btm branches and any branches that were not making it to the canopy. there were lots of large fan leaves from early on falling off, the big ones on the inside - they have been replaced by other larger fan leaves anyway. Probably should have taken them off but this grow I'm letting them go pretty naturally let the girls eat up the fan leaves and the plants discard them, and I collect them and keep them in my compost bucket to be put in the compost bin to feed my red wigglers!! Yeah so today looks like the stretch is done - tall girls are at about 60" including the pot they are in and about 3 feet wide holy moley they are big - the sativa girls are big big big but my indica girls are getting frosty by the second and my inter-node distances are tight on all plants so its going to look like the buds will be fat and big.

So today - cleaned the tent floor, took the girls out and defoliated down low big girls only and not too much, noticed some burn starting where the new LED light was a bit close so I moved the light back some. You guys were correct - too close so I backed the LED back some. Did a major watering with my compost tea and used about 3 gallons on all the girls combined, enough to get a little runoff on all of the plants. I went back to the room later about 15 minutes ago right at lights out and they all look super healthy and much happier after the watering. So I let them get dryer than normal waited 4 days to water and gave them some super compost tea I had going. Tomorrow I will get some pics early in the day and hopefully finish my grow room so these ladies can get the proper room they deserve. I think its time to take some clones - probably should have done that a few weeks ago but I got crazy about a new grow room when I saw how large these ladies are getting. Tomorrow is plant porn day....

Oh yeah got some new seeds and ordered a sprouting station - one of those Jiffy Greenhouse thingys - with the Jiffy round seed starter things just put the seeds in and top on ... I'd love to hear about better ways to start seeds. My wife did the germinating the last time and she was like 85% out of 9 seeds we got 8 live plants one died and early death with 2 hermies and one male... 4 plants to flower and finish. Decent yield jars of freshies, mmmm nothing like some freshies.... gonna have to go find me some, talk to ya later!

Cheers out


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Miscellaneous pics here from today... cant get enough of watching the buds starting still a little early for frostyness but believe me it's a comin ... Now on to the new grow room. Pics of the finished tile floor - grouting tomorrow night after work, and move in day ain't too far off. Take a look at my tent over grown with weed, yeah babe - cant wait for the new room gotta get done the plants wont fit thru the door way soon, actually at 30" wide they are going to be a challenge to move a few rooms down the hallway to the flowering room.

Current setup with the plants outgrowing the grow tent soon to be the veg only tent - then I will be able to veg while other plants are finishing in the flowering room. Idica strain are the short ones on the table in front of the Sativa strains that are at 62" in the pot, sativas are ~36" in the pot why I've got them on a table to keep an even canopy.

I just finished tiling the flowering room floor - this is about 5' x 7' roughly - all the woodwork will be finished in silver reflective bubble insulation, it will look like the inside of the space shuttle when I'm done.

another pic of the flower room - lighting will be 600w hps - 700w TopLed 5w Osram and 900w 5w Osram panels that should fill in the lower nodes eh? I haven't figured out the lighting layout yet - going to run some 2x3 strips with hooks so I can change the lighting as needed.

budletts - can't get enough of these little puppies

a little more porn - I can almost taste them ....



Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
More bud pics ... from yesterday they were gatting thristy again, pretty soon I'll need to water every other day as the buds start to pack on weight. Watering with my compost tea. Today I noticed some yellowing old fan leaves. I will need to trim them up and clean out the old leaves and get some more light down into the plants.



Nug of the Month: Oct 2014 - Plant of the Month: Nov 214
Lovin the jungle you got going :)

+reps :)


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Tonight I grouted the flower room floor so tomorrow will be move in day - gotta hang some lights run some electrical gear for lighting and fans/venting/filters, then move the girls in and give them way more lighting and way more room.

A few bud candy and floor finished - tomorrow will be a transformation.


Bud porn

Lushy green mmmmmmm

Tile floor grouted and waiting for the girls to arrive - water proof flooring light color - I should have installed heated tubes in the floor for winter warming and summer cooling - NP next place it will be tco'd in a green house.

Just another angle of the flower room - the windows will be covered with reflective material - thats the helm for the star ship ....



Nug of the Month: Oct 2014 - Plant of the Month: Nov 214
Thanks for the porn sir. Needed that lol


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Almost there with the new flower room - here's some pics. Today WAS going to be move in day but I'm not finished with my electric yet. I could just go as is with wall sockets i know they are on it's own 15amp service and that will be enough but I need to get my wiring down right so I don't have cables laying all about. Yeah wow it's freaking bright in there with just 1 700w TopLed. Can't wait to see the 600w HPS along with the 700w and 900w LED lights, I'm going to need to wear sunglasses 100% ... here's a few pics with the 700w hanging... the tile floor reflects a RED spectrum which should be awesome for flowering. This room is going to be a STEALTH room - meaning hopefully no one will even know there's something in there let alone a grow room. Anywhooo here's some grow room porn!! Can't wait to get the girls in there...Gonna have to work on venting too - I've got a window there so I will be hanging a 420cfm inline fan with scrubber out the window, that should be quiet and fragrance free - prolly all I need is a fan venting out - this room is well insulated and I was sweating good while stapling all the silver insulation up! Looks pretty cool when I'm in there.

Watered today with compost tea I've been brewing for about 72 hrs - the tea was kinda thick or not as watery and it's been in the past and when I watered it really didn't soak in right away due to the thickness.. didn't smell tho, well actually it smelled a little like earthy root beer.. hopefully thats not a bad thing! We will see.

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