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Could I Turn a deep freezer into a grow box?

Almost anything can be turned into a grow room with a little imagination, and hard work. I would say that the freezer has potential. I can give you ideas but since I do not know exactly what your freezer looks like, my advice may have some flaws. Since the freezer is only 3ft tall I would suggest taking the top off so your plants can get nice and tall. You also would not want to stick a HID light in a small enclosed area like that. So I would hang the light from something above the freezer. Just make sure you can adjust the light's distance from the plant. Maybe throw a fan and humidifier in there too? Possibly drill a couple holes in the side of the freezer so you can run the power cables more efficiently? If not you could just run the cables over the sides of the freezer.

Just a few ideas, hope it helps!! Good luck man